Trading 14 Months for 14 Months!

After completing my Masters in Education in 14 months, I am rewarding myself with a 14 Fundy Beach, NBmonth sabbatical from teaching to travel and to do all the things I never have time for. I look forward to exchanging my time as a teacher, student, to a traveling girl. I get anxious and excited thinking about all the things I want to do on my time off. I haven’t had the chance yet to fully develop my year-off-bucket-list. I have a few things planned for July, but I still have 13 more months to plan! I look forward to spending some time very soon writing up my year-off-plan. I’m constantly looking for ideas of things to do and places to visit.

Island Life

Island Life

Here is a list of what I have done thus far on my bucket list:

Countries Visited:

Canada: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia
Unites States: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Florida, Louisiana, Texas, California, Washington,  Michigan, Alaska
Dominican Republic
Trinidad and Tobago
Costa Rica

Bucket List Completed:
Scuba Driving (Dominican Republic)
Surfing (British Columbia, Nicaragua)
Whale Watching (British Columbia)
Swimming with Dolphins (Mexico)
Swimming with whale Sharks (Mexico)
Swimming with sting rays (Belize)
Catamaran (Cuba)
Deep Sea Kayaking (New Brunswick)
Canoeing (Nova Scotia)
Wind Surfing (Jamaica)
Tarzan Swing/Bungee Jump (Costa Rica)
Zip lining (Nicaragua)
Visit an active volcano (Nicaragua)
Swim in the only lake in the world with fresh water sharks (Nicaragua) Relaxing
Drive-In Movie (New Brunswick)
Book a flight and just leave (Mexico)
Dye my hair Rihanna red ombre
New Year in NYC, Times Square & Christmas in NYC
Back Pack
Stay in hostels
Ride on the back of a motochonco
Hitch Hike
Snow board (Newfoundland)
Ice Skating
Snow Shoeing (New Brunswick)
Ice Climbing (New Brunswick)
Rock Climbing (Alaska)
Cruise (Alaskan Cruise/Caribbean Cruise)
Stay at a resort (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba)Beach Art
Touch an octopus (Jamaica)
Visit the Mayan Ruins (Mexico)
Swim in a Cenote (Mexico)
White Water Rafting (Maine)
Horse Back Riding in the mountains (Dominican Republic)
Go on a road trip with friends
Go parasailing (Bahamas)
Visit the aquarium at Atlantis
Study Abroad-Private School (Houston, Texas)
Camp on the beach (New Brunswick)
Boogie Boarding (Nicaragua)
Drive on the left side of the road (Tobago)
Ride in a horse and carriage (Bahamas)
Tent Camping
Drive a jet ski
Meet Erin Gruwell and the Freedom WritersPalms
Disney World
Live in a big city (Houston)
Visit Hollywood
Fishing (Nova Scotia)
Volunteer &Voluntourism

Things I will be completing in the next month:
Finish my Masters in Education & Principal’s Certificate
Visit North Carolina
Ottawa for Canada Day
Helicopter Ride
Visit Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Mom and daughter trip to the Caribbean

What should I do on my year off? I am looking for ideas to add to my bucket list.


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