Fall in New Brunswick, Canada

As much as I love the beach and the summer season, I absolutely adore the fall. There isFall Reflection something to be said about the vibrant fall colors while hiking and camping. I find the fall to be the perfect season for outdoor activities. It is not too cold and not too hot. It is also the best opportunity to enjoy New Brunswick’s many provincial parks. The parks are always the most beautiful when painted with red, yellow, and orange hues.

Fall Walk

The crisp fresh air is both refreshing and rejuvenating. Every fall I enjoy walking through the local parks to take pictures of the colorful trees.

Fall leavesThe only thing about the fall that I don’t like is the reminder that winter is coming. The fall season always goes so quickly and before I know it there is frost on the ground overnight and the first snow fall has come.

Fall trees

I try to enjoy it while I can because I know once the winter comes it will be cold in Atlantic Canada for five months. Winter is my least favorite season. Luckily, this year I am taking a 14 month sabbatical from my job to travel and to do all the things I don’t normally have time to do. I’ll be skipping winter for hot destinations like Australia and the Caribbean.

Fall Colours

I look forward to this fall, but until then I will enjoy my favorite season-summer.

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