A Pilot All to Myself

Having a boyfriend as a pilot has its benefits. We have the privilegeFlying with Corey of renting a plane anytime we like to fly wherever we like. We get to spend our travel time together and we don’t have to share the aircraft with anyone else. We can travel on our schedule, not someone else`s. We have had the opportunity to fly over our subdivision, Moncton New Brunswick, Hopewell Rocks, Fundy Park, the Chocolate River (also known as the Petitcodiac River), and to see the world`s highest tides from above!

Chocolate River & Hopewell Rocks

Chocolate River & Hopewell Rocks

Although being a pilot is a difficult and busy career with a hectic schedule, we would not trade it for the world. He loves what he does and he is excited to go to work. The most important thing is to be passionate about what you are doing. I am just as passionate about teaching as `my captain` is passionate about flying. I guess you could say Corey is a teacher as well because he teaches students to fly at the Moncton Flight College.

Our Subdivision & Moncton

Our Subdivision & Moncton

I am looking forward to our next flight together. We would like to fly a little bit further away from home next time. We are hoping to fly to PEI, Nova Scotia, or Ontario soon! The options are endless…and to make it even better I get a pilot and plane all to myself! You can`t go wrong with a private charter! Where will you be flying next?

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