Must Haves for the Beach

As some of you may know, I love the beach! I go as often as I can and in everyKellys Beach destination that I visit. It is exciting to see the ocean from different locations. Each beach has its own vibe. The other day I went to Kouchibouguac (its Mi’kmaq origin means “river of the long tides”) National Park (New Brunswick, Canada) for the first time. It is famous for its 25 kilometers of beautiful white sand dunes and the home to the endangered piping plover. I fell in love with Kelly’s beach because you can walk for kilometres and not seeHistory on the beach a soul. It was so relaxing. It was like I got my own private beach! I love secluded beaches, beaches ‘tourists’ are not normally aware of, and beaches where you can walk for miles. This beach had all three essentials! Living in New Brunswick, I had not visited Kouchibouguac prior. If I had of known how beautiful the beaches are in the park (and how close I am to the park) I would have went every summer. Now that I know, I can’t wait to return. The hour and fifteen minute drive is well worth it!

Must haves

I feel I have mastered ‘what to take to the beach’; the following are my must haves for the beach:

1. Camera (I’m taking a picture of my items with my Cannon Rebel T3)
2. Large towel
3. Beach sarong (can be used as a blanket, scarf, or cover up)
4. Sun glasses
5. My havaianas (straight from Brazil, comfortable to walk in, and they won’t give you crazy tan lines)
6. Sun hat
7. Lululemon yoga shorts (perfect for walking, hiking, running along the beach, beach volleyball, plus they dry fast!)
8. Cotton purse (dries easily)
9. Sunscreen
10. Bathing suit (obviously I was wearing it)

What are your must haves?

Must haves

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