When Traveling

So I’ve landed in the Caribbean and I am enjoying my stay in theDominican Republic Dominican Republic. This next week of rest and relaxation is much deserved. Although I started my 14 months off from work on July 1st, I agreed to take a one week contract to mark the grade 8 Pan Canadian Reading Assessments which I finished on Friday. 32, 000 assessments needed to be marked in five days by a small group of experienced teachers. This year’s marking session was held in New Brunswick; I had not been a part of this marking session in previous years as it had been held in different provinces. Within my province I have always been involved in marking district and provincial assessments, yet I have never done so in the summer. As a teacher, I normally wouldn’t give up my summer to work, but knowing I have 13.5 more months to travel I decided to take the opportunity and bank the money for a trip in the fall.

After a week of hard work (reading thousands of assessments) a girls’ trip with my mom is in store. The perfect destination is the Dominican. Sun, sand, and the sea! The last time we did a trip together outside of Canada and the U.S. was when we went to the Bahamas in 2001 on a volunteer trip through COI before I left home for University. It was an excellent bonding experience being able to help others, while doing it together. In 2008 I went on a volunteer trip to the Dominican, after the project I backpacked the island with my best friend for three weeks. Instantly I fell in love with the island: the landscape, cuisine, beaches, and the hospitable people. During my rustic (saying at guest houses and hostels) travels throughout the island I stumbled across a beautiful hotel which I someday dreamed of staying at. I can`t think of anyone who wouldn`t want to stay at a hotel on a picturesque cliff with a glass elevator to the beach! Well, my dream of staying at the hotel has come true! I`ve been blessed to be able to return to the Dominican Republic, this time with my mom, to stay at the beautiful Bahia Principe Cayacoa. An opportunity I do not take for granted.

When traveling throughout a country, especially when I am traveling for a short amount of time, I don`t always get an opportunity to upload a blog post on Word Press. As you know there is often limited internet access, a lack of power, the business of experiencing a new culture, and staying busy by completing adventure and bucket list activities.

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