Photo of the Week- In Paradise with Mom

Last week I had the most incredible time in paradise with my mom in the Dominican Republic. It was amazing to see the Dominican through my mom’s eyes as a first time visitor to the country. I fell in love with Dominicana in 2008 when I backpacked the entire island with my friend. It’s one of my favorite backpacking adventures. My trip back to Samana was just as memorable because I got to share it with my mom. My mom and I enjoyed taking a water taxi to Bacardi Island (formally known as Cayo Levantado), the perfect destination for relaxing on the beach- our favorite place. Cayo Levantado is definitely one of the best beaches in the Samana area.

Cayo Lavantado Dominican

30 thoughts on “Photo of the Week- In Paradise with Mom

  1. Unfortunately she’s only here for 10 days this trip, so we have other obligations. But, once she is finished moving here in a few months then I will definitely be taking her to Cayo L. And, jejeje, a whole lot of other places.

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