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I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a couple of years now. I finally had the guts to do so only one month ago! It takes a lot of courage to put everything out on the table for the world to see, not knowing what the reaction will be! Starting my blog Turquoise Compass has been one of the most rewarding and positive experiences I have ever had. The uplifting feedback and encouragement has been instrumental. Turquoise Compass is definitely a bucket list dream come true.

Some of my friends had started blogs years ago and I always admired them for being brave enough to write publicly about their successes and failures. I’ve been following their lifestyle blogs throughout the years and it was these incredible women who cheered me on and set the foundation for me starting my own journey of blogging. I couldn’t have done it without these lovely ladies! These amazing women have inspired me throughout the years to take a leap of faith to start my own blog. I’ve followed in their footsteps and have done just that! There is no looking back now! I am excited to see what will come of Turquoise Compass.

Take a moment to check out the blogs I’ve been following:

1. Eco Yogini A blog about yoga, being environmentally conscience, and living life to the fullest in the ‘ecoholic’ kind of way. The way Eco Yogini writes makes me want to be a better person– for myself and for the world around me. Her unique perspectives on feminism and current events is always lively and refreshing. I admire her for everything she is and I’ve looked up to her from the moment we met 18 years ago. She embodies passion, confidence, and wisdom.

2. Pretty Little Ivy A blog about everyday life, family, cooking, art, and fashion. I love how Vanessa started her blog as a way of holding herself accountable to follow through with a project. Her goal of becoming an interior designer shines through her blog as she writes about art, crafting, painting, remodeling, DIY, and decorating her beautiful home. Her love of life is shown through her blog and I am always excited to read her new posts. I am lucky to have Vanessa as a colleague of mine; few teachers are as passionate and organized as her.

3. Coffee Cups and Belly Laughs A blog about living life as a ‘do-er’ of everything: teacher, traveler, mother, wife, interior designer, fashionista, cheerleader, and the master of DIY projects. Her love of coffee and laughter in her life makes her blog unique and personable. Reading her posts makes me feel as though I am sitting in her living room having a conversation with her. Although we met only once at the Freedom Writer Teacher training seminar in Long Beach, California, our friendship remains strong as we both have similar goals in life; we both aim to be positive role models for our students.

4. Bucket List Publications A blog about travel and making your bucket list dreams come true. Her blog shares with the world her journey from continent to continent, a culmination of her dreams come true, especially since she gets to experience the world with her husband and daughter. Her blog inspires thousands of people to explore new and unknown places, while helping others make their bucket list dreams come true. One of my favorite trips with Lesley was to the Mayan Riviera. As an experienced blogger, I am extremely thankful for the help and support Lesley offered me when I started my blog.

A Turquoise Dream

Dominican is a Turquoise Dream

4 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. I have to tell you: for a girl who is new to the blogosphere — girl, you know how to work it! You have an incredible following already! Impressive! So many people write and NEVER figure out that to build your platform, you have to reach out to readers! Good for you for learning about linky-love so early in the game!

    • Thanks so much! I am a fast learner…but, I have to say I have been quick on my feet over the past month learning the ropes. Luckily, I have some blogger friends who have been helping me get started and supporting me this past month. I started the beginning of July! It has been an incredible journey!

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