3 Days, 4 Provinces: Time to Rejuvenate

I’ve been known as a hyperactive tourist and a fast track traveler. In three days, ISunset traveled through New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia via plane, car, and boat. After my two day trip in the two-seater Diamond Aircraft with my boyfriend across New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario, I immediately drove to Saint John, New Brunswick to catch the Princess of Acadia Ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia to spend time with my family in Southern Nova Scotia. When I am traveling, my trips are often planned back to back to experience the most I can in the least amount of time. There are pros and cons to this style of travel. Sometimes I stress myself out by traveling so much, doing too much, and making plans with too many people. Yet in the end, I am always gracious to have had the opportunity to experience so many new and unique things.

Calm Lake

Sometimes I think I am crazy and have lost my mind when I look at my calendar of things planned, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Being busy makes me who I am. The minute there is nothing going on I often don’t know what to do with myself and I start planning another adventure.  Don’t get me wrong, I crave and need down time to relax, recover, and energize like anyone else, but there is nothing better than looking forward to my next trip, adventure, destination, and experience.

Cabin in the Woods

After traveling so much in so few days (with a lack of much needed sleep) I neededLake in the Morning some recovery time. After arriving in Nova Scotia I plunked myself at my cousin’s camp to do a whole lot of nothing for 4 days! In between trips, I often need time to reflect on everything I had experienced and recover from my fast-paced travels. Relaxing by the lake was the perfect place to unwind. I spent my time sea-doo’ing, swimming, kayaking, walking, going in the hot tub, laying in the sun, and catching up on much needed sleep in the cabin. I had time to read Blogging for Dummies 4th edition by Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley under the mid-afternoon sun to learn more about the blogging world. Being so new to blogging I am still learning the ropes. My time by the water allowed me time to rejuvenate and recover from my busy journey through four provinces.


Tell me, how do you deal with balancing being on the go and having relaxing alone time? Do you like to take time off in between trips? How do you refresh yourself while traveling? I’m learning not to push myself to my breaking point, but to have a good combination of busyness and relaxation. I’m interested to know the different traveling styles out there! Would you consider yourself a hyperactive tourist and fast track traveler like myself? Or would you say you like to take your time in one destination over a longer period of time? Do you experiment with different styles of traveling? What works for you? What suggestions would you give a traveler like me?

Perfect View

After my travels I like to find a place to escape to. I can always get lost by the sea. The ocean is my go to place and favorite place to find myself again.

The Beach

9 thoughts on “3 Days, 4 Provinces: Time to Rejuvenate

  1. The water pictures are amazing! About my style, I used to be more like you in my trips, but my husband was totally the opposite. I remember our honeymoon in Chile, when I wanted to go out and enjoy the most of the place and he wanted to rest in the hotel..Now after 8 years married, and a 5 year old son, we found a balanced style. He is a little more “active” tourist and I’m a little more relaxed. Enjoy while you can your hyperactive style. I regret myself not doing more trips by myself before getting married!!! : )

  2. awesome trip dear….some great places you have been travelling and I guess I know what you mean by fast as that’s what I have been doing at the moment 🙂 Happy travels dear!

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