Thirty for 30

For my 30th birthday I planned to complete thirty things to celebrate the big 3.0 in my own unique way. It has been three weeks since my 30th birthday and I have finally completed my list!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Here is my thirty for 30:

1. Visit Miramichi New Brunswick for the first time
2. Go River Tubing with Gallan’s Miramichi River Tubing
3. Stay overnight at the Scooner Point Log Cabins
4. Take a trip with my best friend
5. Shopping in Maine
6. Skydiving
7. Fly in a 2-seater diamond aircraft
8. Eat my birthday dinner at Maverick’s Steak House & Grill
9. Flying lessons
10. Pick out my own birthday cake- Treatzza Pizza from DQ
11. Spend my birthday at the beach
12. Visit La dune de Bouctouche
13. Buy a new outfit to wear on my birthday
14. Embrace being thirty by not having a birthday party, but rather celebrate it with experiences
15. See a rainbow

120mph fall

120mph fall

16. Spend a lazy day at the house
17. Movie night with my boyfriend
18. Make new margarita blends: strawberry & watermelon, watermelon & lime, pina colada & mango, mango & lime
19. Spend a week with my mom
20. Visit my hometown (it has been over a year)
21. Go to the beach in Southern Nova Scotia
22. Visit my cousin’s camp (it has been over a year)
23. Kayaking
24. Sea-Doo’ing
25. Gojis for frozen yogurt
26. Pump House for Nachos
27. Window shopping & visit art studios
28. Finally got the nerve to sell my handmade jewelry at the local market
29. Fish and chips at Captain Dan’s
30. and finally…RELAX

This was my best birthday yet!

32 thoughts on “Thirty for 30

  1. I was a licensed parachuter, you will love skydiving.
    Are you going to post pictures of your birthday outfit for example?
    What would you like to shop in Maine?
    I love that you have little snack treats for yourself!
    May I follow your blog please? I really like your posts! 🙂

    xoxo, Eszter

    • I did LOVE skydiving! Do you still skydive? I never thought of posting a picture of my birthday outfit! What a great idea! I was shopping mostly for travel accessories and clothes in Maine.
      Enjoy following my blog, I am glad you are enjoying the posts. Thanks for the support!

  2. Love that you’ll be celebrating your birthday with experiences! My 3-0 is next year and I still haven’t figured out how I want to celebrate. It’s a bit up in the air as to where exactly we will be (still in Korea or onto our next project… wherever that will be!).

      • That’s just it. I can’t decide. I thought about renting a beach house somewhere (maybe Florida?) would be fun. And all of my friends could come hang out. But it’s hard to plan anything when we don’t know where we will be. I’m sure we will still do something fun!

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