Photo of the Week- Small in a Big World

When traveling, I am often reminded that the world is a huge and grand place, so big my mind cannot truly comprehend its magnitude. I represent just a mere spec of sand floating in the turquoise sea. This reminder encourages me to see more of the world and to discover the hidden treasures waiting for my arrival. My favorite and most memorable spots are often the places few people visit. I look forward to finding more hidden gems.

Can you see me?

Cape Breton

Beulach Ban Falls, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Week- Small in a Big World

  1. Often I think about it too, there is so much in the world to be seen. So many things we can`t even imagine,different cultures, different lifestyles! It is really great to have the opportunity to travel around and see it with our own eyes! Great picture!

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