Turquoise Thursday: Mayan Riviera a Turquoise Paradise

One of my ultimate favorite turquoise destinations is the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. All along the coast you will find turquoise treasures. This is my turquoise heaven! I’ve been twice already and I can’t wait to return. Backpacking in this paradise was a dream come true.


Playa Del Carmen








If you have a turquoise paradise I would love to hear about it!

56 thoughts on “Turquoise Thursday: Mayan Riviera a Turquoise Paradise

      • Yes I have. It’s one of my favourite countries to travel to. I love a place called Playa Azul. It is really small and so beautiful. I love all of Mexico that I have seen though.

        You will definitely have to check out England sometime. 🙂

      • Nope it won’t be quite as turquoise then but still beautiful and very cold! Ha ha. I hope you love your time in the UK. The whole of Europe is lots of fun. How long you here for?

      • You should definitely try to visit Rome in Italy; it’s one of my favourite cities. Then there is Seville in Spain, which is another beautiful quaint city. For your turquoise search, then there is San Sabastian which is beautiful or Santorini in Greece. Actually, there are loads of beautiful spots to visit so you’ll need more than 5 weeks! Ha ha.

        As for the UK, you are right, you won’t find nice weather here at that time of the year but some of the coast in Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Sussex is really beautiful and very majestic when the weather is rough. So still definitely worth a visit.

        Enjoy! 🙂

      • These places sound AMAZING! I am noting them for future reference. Sounds like you know your way around Europe yourself! I bet the foods you have tried are amazing! What’s your favorite European foods?

      • I get round a bit, ha ha. Helps that I live in Europe as it’s easy to travel about. Yes there is some really wonderful foods to try; which you will no doubt sample on your travels. As for me, it’s a cliche but no pizza can touch the pizza you get in Italy. However, my actual favourites are hard to narrow down! I guess my actual favourite food is probably the lovely fresh fish around Cornwall and the olives you can get in Greece. If you are a cheese or bread person then you will love France. They definitely do it the best. What you most looking forward to trying?

      • Yummy! It all sounds good! I can’t wait to try authentic Italian. I think I am looking forward to experiencing different cultures and of course meeting new friends along the way! Do you travel often seeing as you are living right in Europe?

  1. My favorite turquoise paradise is Glacier National Park. Because of sediment from melted glaciers many of the lakes are a bright turquoise color. They look amazing against the backdrop of the giant mountains!

  2. I go there every winter, but well south of Cancun, near Tulum. It is indeed a paradise, but slowly getting more and more commercialized. I know, I know, people like me are what that’s all about.

    • I love Mexico, but I avoid Cancun as well as it is very touristy and crowded. I usually back pack when I am there. Tulum is stunning, one of my favorite places! Where do you usually stay? I’ve stayed at a hotel once along my travels in Mexico!

  3. The colours… I want to fill my house with these pictures! So pretty and relaxing. I hope to find many turquoise paradises in future travels!

  4. Mexico is a place that is definitely on my travel destinations list! We were even considering going to Cancun and Playa del Carmem for our next family trip, and some other places maybe… But we still have to decide and define the itinerary. Do you have any suggestions for a must-go destination in Mexico?

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    • Thanks so much! Tulum is amazing and the ruins are even better. Did you travel much in the Yucatan? I backpacked for 6 weeks throughout the 4 provinces in southern Mexico! It’s amazing!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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