Picked Up in a Cessna

Air View

Air View

On my way back from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, instead of driving back to New Brunswick I was picked up in single engine Cessna. Flying to New Brunswick in a 4-seater was much quicker than driving the 6 plus hours from Cape Breton. Conveniently, my boyfriend is a pilot so we arranged for my personal pick up in Nova Scotia. Anytime I have the opportunity to fly, regardless of the size of the aircraft, I take it. I’ve always loved flying, but I am even more passionate about flying now that I am dating a pilot. I have taken 15 flights since the beginning of July. Most on commercial flights, a handful in a 2-seater Diamond Aircraft and another in a 4-seater Cessna. Now that I have begun my 12 months off from work I can’t even imagine how many flights I will be taking throughout my travels. I’ll be keeping track because I am curious to see how many the year will incur.

In a Cessna

In a Cessna

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