White Water Rafting or Sky Diving?

What would you rather? Sky diving or white water rafting? This summer I went Skydiving with Vacationland Skydiving and White Water Rafting with Three Rivers White Water in Maine, USA. I am hard pressed to choose which adventure sport I like the most! I love them all! Which would you prefer?


Water Works

Falling from the Sky

Next up, zip lining in Vegas with Flight Line Bootleg Canyon!

6 thoughts on “White Water Rafting or Sky Diving?

  1. As I told you already, I’m not a big fan of heights, so I pick rafting. Some time ago, I went rafting with my husband, in a little town called Canela, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the south of Brazil. We were still dating at that time and that was one of our first trips together. It was a lot of fun! The rapids weren’t so “strong” ‘(can I say that in english?) but there was a moment that I fell of the boat!! It was funny and scary at the same time… but quickly the guy who was leading our boat caught me.It was a great experience!! : )

    • Rafting in Canela sounds wonderful! Yes, you said it correct, the rapids were not that strong! Rafting is an amazing experience even if you fall out of the boat. I fell out of the boat in class 4 rapids (out of 5) and it was like you said exhilarating and shocking all at the same time.

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