Camping in Raft City

TentingI have always loved camping! My mom used to take my brothers and me camping when we were little. I think the first time my mother took me camping I was just a newborn. Nothing stopped her from enjoying the activities she loved. It appears that since then, I have loved my time in the wilderness. When I say camping, I am speaking of tenting. I have always tented growing up and nothing has stopped me from tenting now. When some people think of camping, they imagine sleeping on a plush queen size bed in a heated camper, camp, cabin, or better yet, a winterized cottage fully stocked with all amenities “required”. When I think of camping, I crave a more ‘rustic’ experience. There is nothing better than being in the woods with nothing more than a tent, sleeping bag (for me an air mattress of course), and a camp fire. Who needs a heated shower when you have a lake or river to bathe in? I’ve always craved time away from civilization. My time spent away from all my conveniences makes me appreciate everything I have even more.Camp SiteNow that I am an adult, I don’t get camping as often as I’d like. Summers go by way too quickly and before I know it, I am back in the classroom teaching. I try to get one camping trip in each summer season. This year, I went camping in The Forks, Maine, commonly known as ‘Raft City’. The Forks Maine is the home to multiple rafting outfitters including Three Rivers White Water who I went white water rafting with over Labour Day weekend for my boyfriend’s early birthday present. Raft City is the perfect destination for camping as it is off the beaten path and miles away from the nearest town. Although Raft City is miles into the woods, The Forks offers all main amenities (if required), if you are not a ‘tent-er’ like me. Local restaurants, convenience stores, cabin rentals, and full service rest stops can be found throughout Raft City. Most rafting outfitters, including Three Rivers White Water, offer everything you could ever need or want when away from home.

Standing by the River

My weekend tenting in Raft City couldn’t have been more perfect. I booked a campsite through Three Rivers White Water for just $10 per person per night. My campsite was located directly on the Kennebec River. The sites are private, large, and with lush foliage all around. The site was located conveniently beside an outhouse, close to the main wash house (with hot showers), and near the rafting outfitter. The view from my campsite was even more than I could have ever imagined. Sitting by the campfire overlooking the blue flowing water was the perfect view.


Although it rained two of three nights I was camping, I still enjoyed my weekend immensely. The sun came out and showed its face during the day when I was rafting. It was easy to fall asleep to the sound of rain drops beating against the tent. I’ve always been a sucker for nature sounds. So much so, that I went out and purchased a sound box when I was in university, which I put on before I go to bed. Each night, I fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves. If only I had a beach house so I could fall asleep to the real thing! Maybe someday? I had the luxury of falling asleep to the real sounds of nature for three nights—the rain falling down above me, the river flowing beside me, and the trees rustling in the wind around me. How much better can it get?

By the River

Where did you go camping last? Are you willing to tent? I’d love to hear about your favourite camping experience. Good and bad. I hope my experience inspires you to go outside of your comfort zone and to embrace nature (rain or shine) and sleep in a tent under the stars! Happy camping…

Three Rivers White Water

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