Turquoise Thursday: San Francisco Painted with Turquoise

San Francisco

Fish Market

I was excited to find the welcoming streets of San Francisco painted with turquoise around every corner. San Francisco is such a lively and bright city. Pier 39 and Fisherman’s wharf is speckled with turquoise amidst the sea of friendly people along San Francisco’s glistening blue Bay. Tourists from all over were stopping to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz which could be seen from a distance. Locals were running and biking on the trails along the Embarcadero Waterfront. The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the ferry building was bustling mid-afternoon with people admiring the goods and crafts being sold. With tourist season ending Labour Day weekend, San Francisco was still busy with visitor’s coming for America’s Cup being held in San Francisco. Kiwis could be heard talking about the races around every corner. I’m excited to continue exploring in San Francisco. Maybe there will be more turquoise secrets to be found.

Bliss jewelry store

Bliss San Francisco

Candy Baron store

San Francisco

Taffy at Candy Baron store

San Francisco

Pearl Factory jewelry store

San Francisco

Crepe Café

San Francisco

Crepe Café

San Francisco

Wilder West clothing store

San Francisco

Frank’s Fisherman Nautical and Scientific Antiques

San Francisco

Rain Forest Cafe

San Francisco

Pier 39 carousel and performance stage

San Francisco

San Francisco Marina

San Francisco

The San Francisco Bath Salt Company

San Francisco

San Francisco old fashion cable car

San Francisco

What turquoise secrets have you found throughout your travels?

19 thoughts on “Turquoise Thursday: San Francisco Painted with Turquoise

    • Yeah San Francisco is pretty amazing! Keep an eye out! The rest of the week will have posts about San Francisco! It is such a unique place!
      I loved the picture of Zoard in his turquoise onesie! He is so cute and with such a big smile! Can you tell his personality already?

      • Oh my… I was thinking about that question last night. Are you some kind of a mind-reader Jessica? HAHA
        I know parents see a lot in to their kids and we are no exceptions. For this reason, it is hard to tell what is projection and what is not.
        I have never seen an 8 months old baby besides Zoárd. Can you believe that?! I was thinking maybe that would help if I would see how other babies his age behave…
        I am glad to hear you will post more of San Francisco! What are you doing there? Is San Francisco suitable for lots of walking?

      • Great minds think alike! Well you will know his personality soon enough! Especially once we starts talking and walking!
        San Francisco is ALL walking! I walked my little heart out for a week and there are so many HILLS! Get ready to walk in San Francisco, but it is a good thing! It feels good to be active. There are so many things to do: hiking, shopping, looking at all the cute shops, eating at the amazing restaurants, visiting the historic parks, and visiting the towns in the Bay area. Stay tuned!

  1. I use to spend a lot of time in San Francisco but I never spent any time on the waterfront but you’ve captured it beautifully. I will be sharing the post on twitter.

    • San Francisco is such an amazing place to visit! What did you do in San Francisco? I love being by the water, so I will usually be found in places close to water! Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate it!

  2. Jessica, it seems you’re having amazing time in California! I fell in love with San Franacisco when I was there last year! It is such a colorful city! Have you been to Golden Gate Park? It is another amazing place to go!

    • I have been having an amazing time in California. I can see now why it is so easy to fall in love with San Francisco. I was in part of the Golden Gate Park, but I didn’t get to see much! I guess I will save it for next time. Do you think you will want to go back?

      • Yes, definetely I would like to come back! There are many things I didn’t do the first time, as visiting Alcatraz and some other things. But I have to confess I was a little afraid of the possibility of an earthquake hitting the city. We hit one in Monterey and I got a little scared. : P But I don’t think this will prevent me from coming back if I have the oportunity! What is your next stop?

      • It’s a great place to visit! There are endless things to do.
        I was there for a week and there was no earthquake! 🙂 I’m sure you will go back when you get the chance.
        I am currently in Sacramento which is the capitol of California. My next stop after this is Hawaii.

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