Photo of the Week-Up Hill in Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Park Service is a National Monument of California. Muir Woods is also part of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory. Hiking up hill in the redwood forest left me speechless, partly due to the fact that I was hiking steep terrain, and partially because of the beautiful giant redwood and sequoia trees (which are hundreds of years old) that surrounded me. The tallest tree resides in the Bohemian and Cathedral groves standing at over 252 feet tall. The widest tree is over 14 feet wide. Some redwoods are at least 1,000 years old; most mature trees are 500 to 800 years old. Now you can imagine why I was left speechless.

Muir Woods

12 thoughts on “Photo of the Week-Up Hill in Muir Woods

    • It was beyond words! I have seen similar trees in British Columbia on Vancouver Island, but there was something eerie and beautiful about the muir woods forest. Almost as if the trees were holding secrets! So much history there.


  1. Amazing!! I love to hike, but since my son was born I had never gone hiking again. As the same time I want him to grow fast so we can go on this kind of adventures together, I know that in some years he will be grown up and that I will miss those moments when he was a little boy! : )


    • I see lots of young moms hiking with their child strapped on! I also see parents taking turns carrying the chid! It would be extra effort, but an idea for you. It is exciting to get them hiking young so they grow to have a love for hiking. You guys will have so much fun hiking together!


  2. I totally agree with you! The younger they start the better. But carrying him is not an option now as he is already too heavy (23 kilos)…he is 5 years old and I think that he might already enjoy hiking. I’m already thinking about a lighter hike so we can introduce him to hiking. Thanks for keeping motivating me to add a little adventure to my life . Sometimes we just get lost in our daily routines and forget how important is to try new experiences! : )


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