Photo of the Week-California’s State Capitol

California’s State Capitol Ceiling in the California State Capitol Museum is absolutely stunning! The architecture in the Capitol is intricate and detailed. From Eureka tile groupings, California golden poppy mosaic floors, California’s Great Seal, statues, annex plaques, to a golden ball and cupola, no detail is left unturned.  While touring the heart of the state capital, the rotunda, I was mesmerized by the sheer size of the circular room (53 feet in diameter) and the height of the oculus (128 feet). The checkerboard pattern of the Belgium black and Vermont white tiled marble floor, the decorative murals, and the massive Carrara marble statue: Columbus’ Last Appeal to Queen Isabella, make the room an artist’s heaven. I didn’t expect to see such beauty in the California State Capitol. The artwork and design throughout is endless.

California's State Capitol

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Week-California’s State Capitol

  1. Foto tip … though you will look loca … lie on the floor, camera directly centered. You’ll get an amazing geometric, though wouldn’t look dome-like 😉 Jejeje, all need a lil loca in our lives!

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