Busy in Sacramento

Sacramento California has kept me busy for the last two weeks. From yoga at theCapitol Natomas Racket Club to walking in downtown Sacramento on a warm September evening, I have yet to run out of activities during my time in “the Sac”. Sacramento has become my “home away from home” so to speak. The people have been incredibly friendly, welcoming, and hospitable. People I barely know have welcomed me into their homes with open arms. I have blended in with the community of Sacramento and have been giving back in any way that I can. Dog walking and babysitting has made me feel like I am at home, even though I am traveling and living out of a suitcase. The new friends I have met have joined me with excitement to be tourists in their own city. Within the state of California, I’ve yet to meet a group of people more accommodating then the people I’ve met in Sacramento. The quiet and relaxed city of Sacramento made me feel right at home.

Not knowing what to expect in California’s state capitol I have been absolutely blown away by my experiences. If ever you get the chance to visit California, be sure to add Sacramento to your must-see cities in the state.

Fun in the City:

Croker Art Museum
The museum itself is a mixture of old and new; the gallery building completed in 1872 retains its original Victorian-Italianate design with a 125,000 square foot contemporary addition added to the museum.

The Crocker Art Museum

California State Railroad Museum
Visit North America’s most popular railroad museum and see the beautifully restored locomotives and cars, toy trains, and exhibits.

California Railroad Museum

Sacramento Zoo
With more than 500 rare and endangered animals, the Sacramento Zoo is the perfect place to explore for the day.

The Sacramento ZooSacramento ZooSacramento Zoo

Old Sacramento Historic Park
Go back in time to explore California’s golden past and diverse cultural legacy in Old Sacramento.

Old Sacramento, CA

California Automobile Museum
With more than 150 stunning vehicles on display, the California Automobile Museum is the perfect place to be if you have a love for speed and vehicle evolution.

1956 Ford Thunderbird

1956 Ford Thunderbird

Leland Stanford Mansion
Official reception center and public museum was once the headquarters of the governor Leland Stanford (1862-1863).

Leland Stanford Mansion

California’s State Capitol & Museum
Tour the capitol, view the historic exhibits, and learn how laws are made.

California's State Capitol & Museum

California Secretary of State
The six-story Constitution Wall at the Secretary of State’s Sacramento office is comprised of words from the constitution.

California Secretary of State

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park
In the heart of midtown Sacramento, Sutter’s Fort, built by John Sutter, celebrates the families arriving in California during the Gold Rush.

Sutters Fort

Swabbies on the River: “Famous Tacos…Famous Fun”
“From farm to fork”, Sacramento restaurants offer fresh local and homegrown produce. Swabbies on the River is a unique dining experience on the picturesque Sacramento River. ‘Eye eye matey’, don’t forget to order tacos while dining with pirates.

Swabbies on the River

Other unique and yummy restaurants:
Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor, Café Bernardo, Paesanos Pronto, and the Crocker Café by Supper Club at the Crocker Art Museum.

I can’t wait to come back to Sacramento as there are dozens of museums, historic sites, centers, parks, and areas I’ve yet to explore. Next time I’d love to visit the Center for Contemporary Art, Aerospace Museum, and the Museum of Medical History. There are endless activities in California’s state capitol.

6 thoughts on “Busy in Sacramento

  1. You are welcome to stay with us when you return to Sacramento. I am unlikely to be quite as much on the run the next time (and you forgot to include Vallejo’s on your restaurant list). I could take you kayaking on the lake and/or hiking at Calaveras Big Trees State Park – two of my favorite activities to share. Hugs!!

  2. Are you headed south? If you are planning to be near El Segundo in the next couple of weeks, come do something touristy with me – we will be here for a couple of more weeks. Unfortunately, I can’t offer lodging as we are staying in a hotel ourselves. Also if your travels ever take you to the MS Gulf Coast you are welcome to stay with us!

    • You are just the sweetest thing! So kind to think of me! I am actually in LA right now and heading to Hawaii today for the next 2 weeks! My flight leaves at 6pm. If I was heading South I’d love to have a travel buddy to do touristy things with! I’d also love to visit Mississippi again as I have only been once! After Hawaii it’s back to the East Coast of Canada for a few weeks for my Master’s graduation and then LA again and the Grand Canyons! Thanks for thinking of me and I may just take you up on your offer sometime. You are too kind. IF EVER you want to visit Canada let me know, I’ll host you!

      • Oh wow! LAX is actually in El Segundo. We went to Clutter’s Park, which is at the end of the cargo/international flight runway and got photos of the planes taking off. If you were staying another day I could show you where it is!

        I will definitely do that. It would have to be during the summer though – I’m not much on cold 🙂 The best months in MS are usually April and October (for future reference) 🙂

        Have fun in Hawaii! Look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing the photos – I know it is gorgeous over there.

      • How funny that we ended up so close, but so far! Summer is the best time to visit Canada! I prefer it too! Hopefully I’ll be traveling during the majority of the winter months this year.
        April and October, good to know!
        Can’t wait to see Hawaii first hand! This is one of bucket list destinations!

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