Turquoise Thursday: Totally Turquoise in Tobago


A few years ago I spent a week on the island of Tobago. After traveling around the island I soon realized I was in one of the world’s most beautiful Turquoise destinations. My favorite beach on the island is Pigeon Point in Crown Point. Tobago is most famous for Englishman’s Bay which is located on the West/Leeward coast off the Northside Road. I loved spending the day swimming in Englishman Bay where the ocean meets the rain forest. Listening to the tropical birds singing sweetly from a distance was tranquil and relaxing. A serenity away from the city. Englishman’s Bay is rated one of the best beaches in the Caribbean by touropia, and one of best beaches in the world by the telegraph.

Take a look for yourself. Would you consider Tobago one of the world’s best turquoise destinations?


Englishman’s Bay


Englishman’s Bay

Tobago Tobago Tobago Tobago Tobago Tobago

37 thoughts on “Turquoise Thursday: Totally Turquoise in Tobago

  1. I live on a Caribbean island and there is no bluer waters than the waters in the Caribbean. Your pictures captured all the reasons why I decided to live here.

  2. Wow, so beautiful! I’ve wanted to go here ever since I watched a clip about swimming with humpback whales here (I love whales!!!)!

  3. I LOVED this island when I visited in High School 😉 I was in a folk group and we went to perform steel drums etc. I absolutely love their accent 🙂

    Did you get into any of the entertainment scene??


  4. I love Tobago – though I might be biased considering I’m originally from Trinidad…but still… 🙂 I think your first photo is from the Nylon Pool – am I right?


    • Tobago is incredibly turquoise and spectacular. You are allowed to be biased considering it is such an amazing place! (I’m also biased about Canada since I’m from there) You got it right Kendra! When was the last time that you were there? I’d love to go back to explore Trinidad next time.

      • Last time I went was this past Feb and I hope to go back in Oct – gotta visit the grandparents and cousins! The difficulty in having relatives still there is that it’s hard to play tourist. One yr I hope to tell no one I’m there and visit the island properly! 🙂

      • Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes you want to just be a tourist in your own country without any distractions. You’ll have to plan a two part trip: one for family and friends and the other for yourself.
        Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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