The Perfect Quaint City of Davis


Davis California is a colourful energetic university city. Spending the day exploring Davis left me smiling and full of life. The small-town feel left me feeling like I was at home yet again. California never ceases to amaze me. My morning began by being dropped off at the perfectly pink Amtrak train station (how cute it is!). After a short walk through down town Davis, I found myself on the University of California Davis campus. The busy campus brought back vivid memories of my own university experiences. Seeing painted signs and decorated side walks, remnants of the university’s welcoming ceremonies, made Davis youthful and vibrant. Those who passed me by happily greeted me with “good morning”; the close knit friendly community made me feel as if I was part of something amazing.

UC Davis Campus

The rest of my morning was spent walking around Davis, window shopping, and taking pictures of the many sculptures and murals throughout the city. I enjoyed a fresh steeped cup of earl grey tea (which I picked from a list of what seemed like hundreds)from Mishka’s Café and a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie (my favorite) from Village Bakery. After browsing through many of the unique shops and boutiques I met a friend for lunch at Symposium Restaurant & Pizza House where I had a Greek souvlaki. I couldn’t have had a more perfect morning in Davis.


GreenAccording to the Davis Chamber of Commerce “the city’s logo of an antique bicycle is indicative of the city’s active lifestyle. There are 100 miles of bicycle lanes and paths on city streets and throughout the many community greenbelts, and bicycles as transportation have been built into the city’s infrastructure for many years.” With the city being so environmentally friendly (solar-powered traffic signals, electric cars, use of bicycles, eco city planning, etc…) and the importance of homegrown produce (“farm to form” mentality) Davis is the perfect place to live! Around every street corner I found something incredibly ‘green’, including UC Davis’ Arboretum Teaching Nursery. UC Davis is teaching the community how to replace lawn with low water and easy care California native plants along with other regionally appropriate plants. Water conservation is a huge concern in many desert-like environments. It was easy to be amazed in Davis.

Davis Logo

No words can fully express the character of Davis. Pictures really do capture the moment and are worth a thousand words. See for yourself!



4 thoughts on “The Perfect Quaint City of Davis

  1. What an interest city! It`s funny how many travel styles California fit! At the moment I have two different friends besides you travelling through California, and each one is doing a different kind of trip. Last year me and my family did a completely different one. That’s makes me willing to come back soon to California to explore new places!! ; )

    • It is interesting how everyone has different travel experiences within the same place. I like reading about other people’s stories in the same place as me. It gives me ideas for the next time I want to visit.

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