Arriving in Waikiki, Hawaii


Arriving in Hawaii has been a dream come true! Although it took great effort to get here, the trip was worth it. Every day I am amazed by what I see on the island of Oahu.

WaikikiWhen I arrived in Hawaii it was already late in the evening. After picking up my baggage I proceeded to the shuttle area to arrange transport with Speedi-Shuttle to my hostel. For $24, I arranged for a round trip shuttle to Waikiki and return to the airport on the day of my departure. The shuttle process was quick and easy. The shuttle arrived 15 minutes after booking. It took approximately 20 minutes to get to the Polynesian Hostel Beach Club in Waikiki from the airport. The shuttle staff was professional and kept me well informed throughout the journey. The company welcomes visitors to Hawaii by wearing Hawaiian shirts and playing traditional Hawaiian music in the background during the drive. You can’t miss them at the airport with their bright red flower- print shirts. As another convenience, the company also provides help with luggage at baggage claim if requested. Arriving in Hawaii and traveling to my hostel was quick and easy.

WaikikiI had booked my hostel previously online through Hostel World. I was happy to book a hostel with 24 hour check in as I didn’t know when I was going to arrive. When I arrived at the hostel it was well after 10pm. The front desk staff quickly found my reservation in their computer system and started the check in process. The hostel gave me the option to pay nightly or to pay for my entire stay. I like having the option to pay nightly in case I am not happy with the lodging. It usually takes me a day or two to get a feel of a hostel (to know whether or not I feel safe and happy there). Paying nightly also gives me the option to be able to change hostels if needed. Throughout all of my previous travels, I have only had to change hostels a couple of times. Hostel World is an excellent resource to give you a pretty good idea of what the hostel will be like before you book it. Make sure to read the reviews. After I was given fresh linens and my room key, the hostel staff was happy to provide me with more information about my stay and to answer any questions that I had. After getting the information I needed, I proceeded to check out my room. I booked a 2 bed female dorm room, as I didn’t want to stay in the 12 bed mixed dorm. Luckily, when I arrived, I was the only one checked into the room and I had the room all to myself. Ironically, the back wall of the room is painted turquoise! Already I am starting to feel at home.


The beach around the corner from the hostel


View from the hostel balcony

After one night at the hostel I realized that I am quite happy there. The rooms are secured with key cards. Each bed has its own locker to use with your own personal lock. The dorms itself are basic and clean enough. The bathrooms are not as clean as I would hope for, but I always travel with Lysol wipes. The hostel offers free breakfast of granola bars, oatmeal, and bananas. Basic enough, but a nice addition. Free is free in my books! The hostel also offers the following free services: wifi (when it works), water sports equipment: boogie boards, snorkel gear, and surf boards, beach mats, floaty toys, games room, and luggage storage. The hostel is also in a prime location, close to the beach and all amenities.


Hostel Atrium

For a hostel it is decent enough. I’ve stayed at better (and worse), but for what I need: 24 hour reception, a bed, locker, and shower, it is perfect! I know I am not going to be at the hostel much so I can’t complain too much! The most important thing to me is finding a place where I feel safe and a place where I can get a good night sleep. Reading reviews online was really helpful for me. I found out during my search that a couple hostels on Oahu are currently having problems with bed bugs, so I made sure to steer clear of them. In the end, I found a place where I can come and go as I please, meet new people,  and know that I am safe and that my belongings are secure.


The hostel is located one block from the Honolulu Zoo


Hostel Atrium

Staying at a hostel is a great way for me to save money to put towards experiences. I would much rather be out experiencing Hawaii then hanging out at a posh hotel. Knowing that I have so many activities planned and places to visit, I know I won’t be at the hostel much. My hyperactive-travel style will keep me busy in Hawaii!

From the moment I arrived in Hawaii I’ve been amazed by the scenery, people, and island life. Finally, I am back close to the sea. I am happy and free. Today there is no where else I want to be. Plunk me on a beach and I will be happy.


My new Danish friends I met at the hostel

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  2. Hi Jessica! I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip! I can definitely relate to what you said about not caring so much about posh hotels. The only time I ever go back to the room is to sleep or shower. I may need to pick your brain about cheap places to stay in Montreal. Keep livin’ it up!

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