10 Great Things about Oahu

  1. The ability to watch the sunrise and the sunset on every coast.

    Sunset on the North Shore

  2. The ability to visit a new beach every day and to see something different. Every beach has something unique to offer.


    Pipe Line Beach

  3. The ability to eat various types of foods and to enjoy fresh food grown on Oahu; pineapple, coffee, and macadamia nuts are among the most popular grown on Oahu. From traditional plate lunch to kalula pig tacos, your options are endless.


    Panko crusted stripped marlin with key lime tarter sauce

  4. The ability to choose from endless tours, activities, and excursions. You can go on a catamaran tour to go snorkelling off the coast of Waikiki in the morning, while going in a shark tank on the North shore in the afternoon. Anything is possible.


    Shark tank on the North Shore

  5. The ability to eat outside all year long. The patios are calling your name.


    Sam’s Kitchen

  6. The ability to take public transit to anyplace on the island. If you are not walking or biking you can conveniently (and cheaply) take the bus.


    Biking to Diamond Head I passed by this cute school

  7. The ability to be active outside every day. From hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and more I’ve enjoyed being outside and being active all day long.


    Kayaking with Twogood Kayaks in Kailua

  8. The ability to see a juxtaposition of sceneries on the island. Bamboo forests meet pine trees, palm trees, and tropical plants in the rain forest.


    Flowers of Hawaii

  9. The ability to see amazing aquatic life. I’ve seen dozens of varieties of tropical fish, green sea turtles, dolphins, octopus, sharks, barracuda, and a rare sighting of a monk seal.


    A baby spinner dolphin showing off for me on the West coast

  10. The ability to escape from the touristy areas to find tranquil serenities. There are so many hidden gems on the island that the locals can tell you about.


    Lulumaha Waterfall

When will you be visiting Oahu?

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