Turquoise Thursday: Kayaking in a Turquoise Dream


Kayaking with Twogood Kayaks in Kailua

Twogood Kayaks TourKayaking off the Eastern coast of Oahu, Hawaii, the windward side of the island, was a turquoise dream. I can’t imagine a better place to go kayaking. Twogood Kayaks half day adventure guided paddling tour across the calm water of Kailua bay to the State Wildlife Sanctuary- Mokulua Islands was incredible. Moku Nui’s tropical pristine white sandy beach, wildlife, secret cove, and rugged lava encrusted terrain was one of a kind.

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Twogood Kayaks TourThroughout the tour, the knowledgeable guides (master paddles & trained naturalists) provided me with information on Hawaiian history, marine life, and the island’s geological formations. I’ve always loved kayaking, but this particular kayaking tour was unique because it was more than just paddling. I got to explore an ancient Hawaiian landscape, go cliff jumping, float in a salt pool, try opi hihi fresh out of the sea, observe baby hatchlings , and watch a rare monk seal relaxing on the beach of Moku Nui island. I was treated like Hawaiian royalty on this tour. Not to mention, I had the opportunity to kayak in the most beautiful turquoise water I have ever seen.

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Nā Mokulua: “the two islands”

Twogood Kayaks TourAlthough the tour was guided, it felt as if I was on a self-guided tour, especially since I had the option to paddle in a single or tandem kayak. Throughout the tour, I was able to set my own paddling pace, while never being left behind if I needed to slow down. A guide always stayed at the front of the group with the fastest paddler, while a guide stayed at the rear with the paddlers at the back of the group. If I needed a break I didn’t have to fret because a master paddler could tow me to the front of the group if needed. Everyone on tour was having the time of their life! Strangers who had just met were sharing travel stories, experiences they had in Hawaii, and laughing together.

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Sea Urchins

I will never forget my time kayaking in the turquoise waters of Hawaii! The day kept getting better and better! From snorkeling around Moku Nui to hiking around the island, I will have these memories forever. Twogood Kayaks knows how to plan a once in a lifetime kayaking expedition in Hawaii for visitors to Oahu. I can’t wait to go again the next time I visit. I’m sure the next time I go it will be an entirely new experience. There is just so much to see and everyday is a new day in Hawaii.

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Twogood Kayak Tour

Opi hihi

Wildlife & marine life encounters: Green Sea Turtle, Monk Seal, sea urchins, opi hihi, sea birds, super sized grass hoppers, and the freaky Crucifix Spider.

Twogood Kayaks Tour

The trip includes: Kayak, life jacket, paddle, picnic lunch, free round trip transportation from Waikiki, snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, and fins), dry bag, and padded backrest.

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Rare Monk Seal

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Turquoise Water

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Cliff Jumping

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Secret Island Cove

Twogood Kayaks Tour

Island volcanic terrain

*Media coverage for Twogood Kayaks

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