Turquoise Thursday: Ohau’s 12 Best Turquoise Beaches

All over the island of Ohau in Hawaii you will be sure to find amazing turquoise beaches. If you are a beach lover then you will love the island of Ohau! Coast to coast, I was left amazed and often speechless. Part of my experience on the island was searching for the best turquoise beaches. What I found was more than I expected.

Waikiki, South Shore


Kailua Beach Park, East Shore

Kailua Beach Park

Hanauma Bay, South Shore

Hanauma Bay

Pūpūkea Beach Park, North Shore

Pūpūkea Beach Park

Sharks Cove, North Shore

Sharks Cove

Ehukai Beach Park; Logs (as the locals call it), North Shore


Banzai/Pipe Line, North Shore

Pipe Line

Sunset Beach, North Shore

Sunset Beach

Waimea Bay, North Shore

Waimea Bay

Waianae, West Shore


Moku Nui Island, East Shore

Moku Nui Island

Last but not least, my favorite: Lanikai Beach, East Shore

Lanikai Beach

The beaches are my favorite memories of Hawaii.
Which do you think you would like best?

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