Turquoise Thursday Special: Receiving My MEd

Month 4 Update: 4 Months In and Never Been Happier

MEd Graduation

MEd GraduationMy top 2013 bucket list item was graduating with my MEd! I can now say that I have received my MEd in Curriculum & Instruction/Administration, while also attaining my principal’s certificate and teaching certificate upgrade! I finished my Master’s in June 2013, but did not walk across the stage to receive my MEd until October 24th, 2013. It feels so good to have accomplished one of my greatest goals and to have done it so quickly. I started my Master’s in April of 2012 and finished only 14 months later. I completed the majority of my Master’s while also teaching middle school English full time. I don’t know how I did it. I just did it. I wanted it done and I made it happen. It feels good to see my MEd certificate framed in my house and to know I have an MEd.

MEd Graduation

MEd GraduationAs a reward for completing my MEd in 14 months, I am taking a 14 month sabbatical from my teaching role to travel and explore the world. I have been blessed to take this time to do all things I didn’t previously have time for while having a full time career. The next step for me would be start a doctorate degree. I don’t have any plans to start it anytime soon, but I would love to continue my studies. For now, I will put education and my profession on hold to travel for the remainder of my time off. With 10 months left, I have big plans of how to spend my time.

MEd Graduation

MEd GraduationI’m four months into my time off and in the last 8 weeks I have been to Maine, Nevada, California, Hawaii, and Canada. My adventures range from white water rafting and camping to a week in the dessert: Vegas! During my fourth month of travels, my favorite destination is definitely Hawaii. Hawaii has so much to offer from mountain ranges to endless mile long beaches. I was able to complete countless bucket list items in Hawaii, as there are endless activities you can do on the island of Oahu (as is any island in Hawaii). After visiting Oahu, I am excited to visit more islands in Hawaii and I am now looking into adding other islands to my travels during off my year off.

MEd Graduation

MEd GraduationCheck out my other updates since starting this adventure: month one, month two, & month three

Next stop: Long Beach, California and Los Angeles, California




MEd Graduation

MEd Graduation

What’s your top 2013 bucket list item?

22 thoughts on “Turquoise Thursday Special: Receiving My MEd

  1. Congrats – job well done…
    To do that whilst working full time is quite an achievement, and for that I would take my hat off to you (if I were perchance wearing one). As for the academic achievement; I’m married to an academic, so whilst this numpty stopped officially at age 16, I have a certain grasp as to how much work it all entails; and how much the doctorate will generate! Best of luck 😀

  2. Congratulations dear!!! You are beautifully glowing with the light of life 😉 Best of luck on your future endeavors and as always…safe travels 😉

    BTW – I bought my first pair of turquoise earrings (and I thought of you) 😉


    • Again, you are one of the sweetest people I know! You are my blogging angel mommy. Thanks for the support, encouragement, and readership! I know I can always count on you to comment and like my posts! You are the best miss friend!

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