Buy Local at the Farmer’s Market

Moncton Farmer's Market

Moncton Farmer’s Market

Natural, organic, home-grown, and home-made, there is nothing better then being able to support the local community than by buying local at a farmer’s market. Regardless of what city I am visiting, I am always excited to visit the local farmer’s market. I love browsing the vendors and exploring the new up-and-coming foods and products. Not to mention, the endless taste- tasting at the variety of food booths. I love trying new foods and the farmers market is the perfect place to explore. I often have a hard time choosing what I want to try because the options are endless. I always want to try everything! The market I regularly visit is the Moncton Farmer’s Market in New Brunswick, Canada. Visiting the same market gives me the opportunity to try new things (and buy different products) each time I visit the market. With new vendors popping up at the market each month, I never get tired of the Moncton Farmer’s Market.

Moncton Farmer's Market

Three products I love from the Moncton Farmers Market:

Sweet Cheeks Minerals

Sylvie Doucet and her partner Sarah Perkins sell natural, smoothing, and flawless mineral make-up. Sweet Cheeks Minerals is an all natural make-up, it has 6 or less ingredients, and is made locally in New Brunswick. How much better can it get? The colour choices are endless and with products ranging from primer, concealer, eye shadow, highlighter, blusher, foundation, to bronzer, and more! They have lots of selection and the price is right. Prices start at $6 per eye shadow, while all products are under $20. My friend loved trying out the coloured eye liner! My favorite product thus far is the powder face primer; the first step to getting ready for a night out! I’ve yet to try a better make-up product, especially one that is all-natural, made locally, and with no parabens.

Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market

Bueteaful Premium Tea

If you know me then you know that I love tea! There is nothing better than a fresh cup of steeped crème de Earl Grey (loose tea of course) with steamed milk and a splash of vanilla! Yum! Bueteaful Premium Tea is a New Brunswick based company who use only high quality organic tea blends. They have dozens of creative combinations to suit the tastes of any tea drinker. Seri Weinberg, the owner of Bueteaful Premium Tea, has a wealth of knowledge of the tea industry, tea trends, and customer favorites. With unlimited options to choose from between black, green, white, roobios, herbal, and matcha teas, Bueteaful Premium Tea offer the perfect mug of steeped tea to your taste preference.

Moncton Farmers Market Moncton Farmers Market Moncton Farmers Market Moncton Farmers Market

Nick the Dutch Baker

Nick and Christine Stam and their 12 children provide the highest quality of Dutch baked goods at the Moncton Farmers Market. Their sweet goodies are always freshly baked and with new selections each week. The family run business offer baked goods ranging from breads, cookies, squares, pies, protein bars, to cinnamon buns. With so many options I never know what to buy! I never get tired to eating their sweet delicacies at the Moncton Farmer’s Market. Each week, I try a new treat from their booth. My favorites include the Dutch butter cake, almond cookie, almond Dutch butter cake, and their multi-grain bread. I love it all! I can’t wait to head back to the market to try something new!

Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market Moncton Farmer's Market

What are your favorite local products?

15 thoughts on “Buy Local at the Farmer’s Market

  1. I go to our local farmer’s market most Saturday mornings, I was there today! They are so used to me that when the lady who sells honey couldn’t be there this morning, she left a jar with another stall holder incase I turned up. How’s that for customer service! I always make a point of finding the local markets when I travel too 🙂

      • Both. There are two organic farms there every week who I buy my veggies from, and the other traders that I buy from are there every few weeks. There’s a lady who makes vegan soaps and cosmetics, a local brewery who’s beer I buy for my dad, a veggie food company from the next city whose food I ate when I was at university (good memories) and recently a couple who make homemade nut and chocolate butters (amazing!). My favourite has to be one of the cake stalls, though. He has a whole selection of vegan and gluten-free raw cakes. It’s lucky he’s not there every week, because I would be a lot bigger than I am now if he was 🙂

      • Wow girl, sounds like you know how to shop local and what to buy. You seem to have quite the list of your regulars. I’m like that too (when I am home and not traveling). I’ve not tried homemade butter and would love to. It is also hard to find gluten-free and vegan selections. I want to visit your market!

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