Turquoise Thursday: Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach, California is my favorite beach in the Los Angeles area. The cute beach city is friendly and has a low key atmosphere! Waking up and walking to the Pier for sunrise is as if I am waking up in my own home. I could spend the entire day just relaxing on the beach listening to the waves crash on the shore. Although the water is freezing this time of year, I still dip my toes in to cool off. Better yet, I could walk for miles along the board walk from beach to beach. Hermosa Beach located between Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach and is in the perfect location. Quiet enough to be a tranquil getaway, yet close to public transportation and popular attractions including Long Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. Walking along “the strand” (i.e. the board walk) is care-free and refreshing as it is a smoke-free zone. Watching the active passer-bys running, biking, roller-blading, and roller skating makes me want to take up a new sport. I feel at home by the beach; the beach is my playground. My home away from home.

Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach

Do you have a favorite quaint beach city?

6 thoughts on “Turquoise Thursday: Hermosa Beach

  1. This is where I grew up! I lived about a mile away from Hermosa Beach. I go back every year for a month or so! Glad you’re enjoying it, it’s a great area. My parents met at Hennesy’s there

      • We have many cute beaches in Brazil. In Rio we have Buzios and Paraty, in the northeast of Brazil there are some of them too,like Pipa in Natal,in Rio Grande do Norte state. . But they have a more rustic style,they are not so developed like those beaches in California. But I’m sure you would like them!! Oh, but the perfect turquoise destination for you in Brazil would be Fernando de Noronha, in Pernambuco State. For a girl like you that loves water sports and to be in touch with the nature, it would be heaven!!

      • I want to visit all of them! Especially the one in the Pernambuco State! You are very lucky to have so many great beaches that close. I have lots on the East coast too, but too cold to swim during the fall, winter, and spring!

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