30 Flights in Five Months and Flying

Thunder Airlines

It is hard to believe I’ve just recently taken my 30th flight since I started traveling in July. I can’t believe how fast my traveling time is going. I have 5 additional flights to take in December which will take me to the New Year. I’m not sure what 2014 will bring, but if I’ve accumulated 35 flights in 6 months I wonder how many more flights I will take in my next 8 months of travel. 2014 will be a big year of travel for me. I plan on traveling to further destinations and new continents. I can’t wait to start planning what destinations I will be visiting after New Year’s Day. There is something exhilarating about planning my trips at the last minute. Many of my trips in the last 6 months were planned two weeks or less in advance. Previous to my time off from work, I didn’t have the privilege or luxury to travel in this way. It’s freeing.

Thunder AirlinesIn the past 5 months, I’ve traveled through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario, North Carolina, Nevada, California, Hawaii, and Dominican Republic. Most of my time has been spent on the West Coat of the U.S.A. and in Hawaii. I’ve been able to experience summer in Canada and on the West Coast of the U.S., step into fall in New Brunswick and in Northern California, while escaping winter for warmer weather. This year, I’ve been blessed to jump from climate to climate to visit all of the destinations I’ve only previously dreamt about. My favourite destination thus far has been Hawaii. I can’t wait to see what my remaining 8 months will bring because I can’t imagine right now another destination topping Hawaii.

Thunder Airlines

From experiencing Canada Day in the capitol of Canada, going in a helicopter, skydiving, paddle boarding, kite surfing, to swimming with sharks, I’ve been checking things off my bucket list and trying things for the first time. In an attempt to try something new in each destination that I visit, I’ve keep myself busy searching for new options. From extreme to relaxing, I like to try it all.

Thunder Airlines

Thunder AirlinesThis year I’ve flown in two-seater airplanes (piloted by my boyfriend) and on large commercial airplanes. I’ve taken automobiles, buses, trains, boats, and planes to reach some of my destinations.  Most recently, I drove from New Brunswick, CA to Timmins, Ontario with my boyfriend where he will be starting his first commercial pilot position at Thunder Airlines. It was a unique experience for me to drive to a more northern city in Canada. After the approximate 24 hour drive I soon realized it is much colder in Timmins than it is in New Brunswick. Although I much prefer a more tropical destination, I was happy to help my boyfriend move to Timmins to start the next phase of his career. I’m sure my boyfriend is in for a big change considering he was teaching students how to fly at the Moncton Flight College for a few years now. We are both ecstatic that he was offered a First Officer position on the King-Air-100. Looks like I’ll be commuting more to Northern Ontario now rather than to New Brunswick in between trips. I think we are both in for change and new experiences. Until my next visit to Timmins, I’ll enjoy my stay in Puerto Rico.

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31 thoughts on “30 Flights in Five Months and Flying

  1. Wow that is a lot of flights, even when you have a pilot for a boyfriend! I’ve done the opposite to you. When I worked in travel I would plan trips at the last minute all the time if I found myself with a few weeks of no work. Now I have a ‘normal’ job and I have to plan everything months in advance.

    • Yeah, I know right? I think only 6 of those flights were piloted by my boyfriend too. I don’t know where the time (and plane flights) went. There is something exhilarating about planning a trip last minute isn’t there? I know that when I go back to work, more planning will be involved.
      Are you in the process of planning a trip now?

      • Yes, I am so excited about the New Year. I’m hoping to go skiing with my family in January. My Dad has been injured recently, but I found out today that he got the all clear from the doctor so we can book the vacation! Also, I’m planning to go to Iceland in February to see the Northern Lights as the beginning of 2014 is the best time to see them for over 40 years and then they’re dying down again. I can’t wait 🙂

      • I’ll ski anywhere where’s there’s snow and a hill 🙂 My favourite resorts are in mainland Europe. I think we’re probably going to go to Italy this time, which I’m looking forward to because I’ve only skied a couple of areas there and I love exploring new places. Do you ski?

    • I know! I don’t know how they add up so quick. But Atlantic Canada is FAR from everywhere else! I’m excited to know about my next destination too because I don’t know where I will be going. P.S. I’m writing from Puerto Rico.

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  3. Well done. That’s amazing for just six months and it’s really nice that you’re travelling closer to home. As people who love to travel, it’s so easy to forget the places “next door”.
    How lucky you are to have a flying boyfriend. Well deserved LOL! I look forward to reading where you’ll be in 2014. It’s gonna be a fantastic year I’m sure.

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