Turquoise Thursday- Puerto Rico’s Turquoise Architecture

Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico welcomes me with endless turquoise painted buildings, turquoise glistening waters, and unique turquoise souvenirs. I’ve always dreamt of visiting Puerto Rico and that dream is now a reality. I am blessed to have the opportunity to visit this tropical destination. I am happy to skip snow covered streets for sandy beaches this December.

Puerto Rico

The sunny island is a nice treat from my recent visit to Canada in between my trips. I had a great visit, yet there is nothing better than being able to escape the harsh Canadian winter.  This is the first year I have the option to “skip” as much of the winter weather as I choose. I will be heading home for Christmas, but I intend to escape the majority of this winter’s frigid weather.

Puerto Rico

If this isn’t the perfect turquoise destination, I don’t know what is! Puerto is not only known for its turquoise beaches that surround the island, but also for its turquoise painted Spanish colonial buildings, cobble streets, and Spanish history. I am finally living a dream.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico really is a turquoise dream destination.

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

9 thoughts on “Turquoise Thursday- Puerto Rico’s Turquoise Architecture

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  2. This post just brought me back! I was recently in Puerto Rico too and I took similar shots of those gorgeous buildings. I love the charm of Old San Juan. You got some great photos! 🙂

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