Turquoise Thursday: In the Shot with my XShot

Playing with my XShot

I finally had the opportunity to try out my pocket XShot camera extender at the beach in Puerto Rico. The pocket XShot extender is the perfect size to carry around during my full day expeditions. When I am traveling, I usually wake up early in the morning and stay busy throughout the whole day! I don’t need another large and heavy item to carry around in my backpack. The pocket XShot is small enough to fit in my pocket (obviously) or in one of the small pockets in my book bag without adding any extra weight. Since I usually travel by myself I hardly get in any of the pictures! That’s not a problem anymore! With my XShot extender I am able to get in the shot without having to ask a stranger to take a picture of me.

Playing with my XShot

Playing with my XShot

The pocket XShot extends up to 30.5 inches and closes to 6.5 inches for compact and light storage. The extender is durable so that I can use it in the water. Most of my travel experiences are in the water so I wanted something practical. Finally, I can get beautiful turquoise pictures of me at the beach and in the water. With the tripod insert I easily hooked up my compact waterproof camera to the XShot extender. I extended the XShot and captured pictures effortlessly. It’s that simple! I can now photograph and video myself throughout all of my excursions! The XShot is the perfect travel accessory and is also perfect for family functions with the built-in tripod adapter at the bottom to attach a mini tripod. Family photos are now made easy! When there is no one around to take the picture it’s not a problem anymore. I’ll just use my XShot. It’s such a simple concept too, but an ingenious idea.

Playing with my XShot


– Part number: XSP2
– Extends to 30.5″ (77.5 cm)
– Closes to 6.5″ (16.5 cm)
– XShot weight 5 oz (142 g)
– Max Camera Weight 1.25 lb (570 g)
* not made for SLRs

Playing with my XShot

Playing with my XShot

I can’t wait to see what other unique pictures I will capture with my XShot throughout the next 9 months of my travels. I no longer need to rely on strangers to get a decent picture of myself. I can quickly and easily secure my camera to the XShot and go! I don’t have to carry around a large tripod with me anymore. The pocket XShot extender comes without any extra parts to attach and with a convenient lanyard for transport. I can now get 180 degree shots of me in paradise! I wish I had an XShot years ago! I now know what all the rave is about. I’m happy I got to try it out!

Playing with my XShot

I had so much fun playing with my XShot at Isla Verde Beach and Escambrón beach. Can you tell I love being in the water? I know I am a water baby.

Playing with my XShot

Playing with my XShot

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43 thoughts on “Turquoise Thursday: In the Shot with my XShot

  1. Amazing photos! I just need to buy something like that!!! I’m the only one who likes taking pictures in the family and I’m always behind the camera. When I come back from a trip I always regret not having more photos with myself!! By the way, what waterproof camera do you have? I’m planning to buy one for myself but I didn’t decided each one yet! By the way, it looks you’re having a lot of fun in Puerto Rico. Are you still there? : )

  2. Glad you liked my blog post! I’m also glad I stumbled upon yours and this particular post as I’ve got the X Shot as well and I love it :). First bought it for my honeymoon and it’s very handy. Glad you took it under water, I never thought to do that with a waterproof camera, good idea!

  3. Great post, and I definitely need one of these. My husband hates it when I try to take pictures of us without using a tripod – he says I always tip my head back and then I get a shot right up my nose. I hate it when he’s right! 🙂

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