Turquoise Thursday: Christmas Spirit in Vieques


Merry ChristmasFrom East to West Vieques, Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful destinations I have ever seen. The beaches on the island of Vieques are in the top 5 beach destinations I have visited. Vieques has nature preserves, pristine secluded beaches, a bioluminescent bay, culture, and a history of revolutionaries and a resistance against their land being destroyed. Vieques is a destination I need to return to. When I visit certain beaches it’s as if I leave a piece of myself there, while learning something new in return. I’ll always have this intense burning desire to go back to certain destinations where I feel as though part of me was left behind. Vieques was one of those places.  Pictures don’t even capture its true beauty. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to visit Vieques in their lifetime. I’ll be happy if I inspire one person to visit Vieques based on this post. Even with the long wait times at the ferry, the rough ferry crossing from Fajardo, and the overcrowded ship it’s worth it. Next time I’ll fly!


Vieques is everything I hoped for when I dreamt about visiting Puerto Rico. Since I was in my early twenties (after being exposed to some Puerto Rican music in Nicaragua) I felt that I had to get to Puerto Rico. If visiting Vieques was all that I was able to do in Puerto Rico the trip would have been worth it. It was a blessing for me to have been able to reach Vieques, the one place my heart was longing to see. I finally made it to one of my turquoise dream destinations! I inspire you to visit Vieques and those destinations you have always dreamt about. I challenge you to make it happen! No matter how long it takes you to get there it is worth it. Go!


Many of the beaches in the South of Vieques are white sandy beaches with sand as fine as dust and with crystal clear turquoise waters because they meet the Caribbean sea. It’s no wonder why it’s so beautiful there.


Here is why I fell in love with Vieques (the visuals are enough of an explanation):

Vieques Landing


Caracas Beach (my favourite)




Cayo Afuera


Cayo De Tierra


Sun Bay


I hope you find a way to visit this perfect paradise or the one of your choosing.

Merry Christmas

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