The Sunrises and Sunsets of Puerto Rico

After looking at many of the pictures I’ve posted on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram a friend informed me that he noticed my interest (or obsession rather) with the sky and the horizon. I guess he has a valid point! I love taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets! Second to the beach, I’ve always had an interest in taking pictures of the skyline. In every destination that I visit, I make an attempt to see at least one sunrise and one sunset. Yet, by the end of trip I’ve seen at least a half a dozen or so.
Puerto Rico

Is one sunrise the same as another sunrise? Is one sunset comparable to another sunset? For me, they are never the same or comparable. Each has a new view and provides me with a new and unique experience. Almost magical. Watching the sun rise while walking along a melecon with a cup of warm tea is the perfect wake up call. Watching the sun set from the beach with an appetizer and a blanket is the perfect end to the perfect day in paradise. I’d watch the sun rise and set every day if I could. They are often just as beautiful at home as they are away, but each leaves me speechless. What a wonderful world we live in. Nature has her own special way of surprising us.

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

What is your travel photography obsession?

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