What Turquoise Destinations Should I See in 2014?

Puerto Rico

Happy New Year! With a new year brings new travels to new destinations. I have 8 more months left to travel before I am going back to work and I am in the planning stages of figuring out my next destinations. In 2013, I traveled to the beautiful turquoise destinations of California, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Those beauties left me speechless! Not only that, I was able to find turquoise in all the places I visited: NB, PEI, NS, Ontario, Quebec, Nevada, North Carolina, and Maine. Well, it’s time to look for more! What’s next for me? That’s the tough question! I’m not quite sure! That’s what I need your help for! I would love for my readers (and possibly soon to be readers?) to suggest new, unique, and beautiful turquoise destinations for me to visit in the 2014 year. If I find them interesting, in my budget, time frame, and within my means, I’ll be adding those destinations (your recommendations) to the list of stops throughout my 2014 travels.

Hermosa Beach

Rather than making New Year resolutions, I want to live my life to fullest by resolving to make my dreams come true every day of the year, not just at the beginning of the year. I’ll soon be planning my 2014 bucket list and dreaming of the new destinations I’ll soon visit. Until then, I want to hear from you! Some of you are the experts! Share your wisdom with me. Where should I go? What do I need to see? What are your must-see bucket list dream turquoise destinations? I bet if you love them, I’ll love them too!

I want something that looks like this:

Puerto Rico

Or this…


Or maybe even this…


Can you think of a place I’d enjoy?

I don’t necessarily need to go to the Caribbean, or an island, but I want to see more of the world’s hidden turquoise gems. In fact, I’d like to leave North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Those are the areas I travel to the most. I want something new and exciting! Yet, I may still hit some of those spots on my way elsewhere! Where will “elsewhere” be? I like all things adventure, while also having a yearning to be at the beach, by the coast, on in the sea. I love any and all water sports. And of course any place turquoise themed. May it be a beach, city, hotel, or tourist attraction, I want to find it!

I’d love for you to share your ideas with me! Maybe you yourself have experienced an incredible turquoise place that you just can’t get off of your mind. Or maybe you are thinking of a place you know I’d love even though you haven’t yet been there yet yourself.  Feel free to recommend countries, hidden treasures within countries, cities, beaches, activities, and lodging. If you have links to posts of places you have visited and written about–share them with me! I might just want to highlight your experience on my blog as a guest post! Better yet, if I like your destination I might just link your blog on Turquoise Compass!

Looking forward to the pointers! Researching where to go is often the most daunting part! But it doesn’t have to be because I am in such an amazing community of people who have the experience and already know-it-all! I’d like to use YOU as resources! Not the web… At this point, there are just too many places I’d like to see and I don’t have a sweet clue where to begin! Please help me!

Sincerely, Jessica

Until then, dreaming of this:


51 thoughts on “What Turquoise Destinations Should I See in 2014?

  1. Hi Jessica, may I suggest the Maldives for a new adventure in 2014? It will definitely be turquoise 😉 I love your beach pics by the way!!

  2. I think you’d love the Greek islands. They’re all very different and offer different things, and it’s easy to tour around a few of them on the same trip. I think you’d like Ithaca, it’s a very small island with beautiful turqoise beaches that are quieter than on the other islands 🙂

    • I think (and know) that I would love the Greek islands as well. I am hoping to get there this summer. I’ve heard that each island is unique in its culture and “feel”. Do you have posts about the islands? I think I wold love them all. I like the idea of smaller and quitter. A great place for swimming and reflection.

      • Unfortunately I haven’t been back to Greece since I started my blog, so I don’t have any posts. I lived mainly on Rhodes, but also on Crete and Kefalonia for a while too. Kefalonia is generally very quiet, but they all have their quiet spots. Personally I prefer the Dodecanese islands to the Ionian side of Greece, there are more islands and more variety to explore there. Plus, you can also visit Turkey from that side of the country. Let me know if you have any specific questions 🙂

  3. How about Palau or Guam? They are both beautiful hidden treasures with unspoiled white beaches and amazing blue warm water. Super friendly locals. I know you said not the Caribbean, but St Kitts or Abacos in the Bahamas had gorgeous waters too.

  4. I think at South Europe for you to see. Could be Spain, Italy or Greece. They all have turquoise beaches.
    Enjoy your travelling and experiences. I’m looking forward to read about them here.

    • I would LOVE to visit Spain, Italy, and Greece! So exotic and fabulous! I get excited just thinking about those places. I really need to squeeze them in the travels. I’m glad you are enjoying my journey. I’m happy you are along for the ride Irene. I’m thankful for your readership, comments, and your beautiful posts of your jewelry!

  5. I think what you need is Asia you can have even more adorable than what you have sheared. Malaysia is well known of its heavens and natural beaches, the life in general is something amazing there are islands and pure sand beaches with all what you need to have meticulously new experience. Real Asia – Malaysia – is a very nice place there are a number of areas you should go like batu ferringhi beach in penang island and there is Langkawy island and redang island and there are more and more you can find in the internet.

    • Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve not been to Asia and a few people are suggesting it. I want to go! My friend has been to Malaysia twice and she loves it. I am going to try my hardest to get there before the end of my year off. There are just so many destinations I want to visit and I don’t think I will have time to see them all.

    • Oh my gosh! This sounds amazing. I didn’t even think about the Red Sea. How awesome would that be? I want to see everything! What a unique idea for me. I’ll be checking more of your posts for tips! Stay tuned for more of my planning posts!

      • I love the Red Sea. If you like snorkelling or diving, you will fall in love with the Red Sea. And if you just like to swim, you’ll love it too 🙂 If you need tips, I am here for you 🙂 I am to start my Egypt blog soon (travelwithjohanna.com) so stay tuned for stories and pictures of some great sandy beaches etc.

      • It’s extremely reasonable priced so you can do a lot when you are there without needing a bank loan. If you decide to go to Greece please plan a few days outside of Athens because the majority of the ruines are located outside the city. There’re lots of three and four day tours and then off to the islands. If at all possible you can get to Turkey very easily and cheaply.

      • It all sounds wonderful! I have some planning to do. I am so excited (and nervous) about this year! Especially since I travel by myself. But so much to see and do!

  6. Happy New Year Jess. What a great post!
    I’m going to suggest my favourite continent which apart from Europe, I’ve been to the most: Asia!

    I’m going to sugggest Indonesia: more specifically, Bali. I had a brilliant time there 15 years ago and I’m taking the family there this summer!
    I’d also suggest Thailand. You know that you’ve just got to go to “The Beach.” It’s real and still there!

    May I also suggest Croatia. I haven’t been there myself yet but my students rave about it and of course, Turkey. The world is so your oyster!

    • Thanks for so many wonderful suggestions. They all sound like amazing destinations. I’ve been dreaming of Bali and Thailand for some time now.
      Croatia and Turkey sound so exotic and unique. Thank you! I better start planning!

  7. i have heard that Bali and Croatia are gorgeous. What about somewhere in Africa? I’ve also heard there are amazing beaches PLUS the cultural aspect would be amazing and life changing. I look forward to reading all about it!

    • Ironically, other people have recommended both Bali and Croatia, but you are the first to suggest Africa! Thank you so much for the brilliant ideas. I can’t wait to start planning. My first stop is Miami!

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  9. Hi again! A semi-close place that isn’t too insanely-expensive is Akumal, Mexico. It is down south around 60 or 70 km of crazy Cancun. The reason I say it is because the turtles are literally to the rightwhile the reefs are to left of the main inlet. You won’t be disappointed. Also, we found a place to stay at a little condo on the beach with a pool for $65 per night on Air BnB. We were there a year and a half ago. You do need to rent a car to make it worthwhile.
    On another note, we are going to the Philippines this June. (My hubby is from there.) I will post about it on my site. I have never been there, but my husband said to just Google Palawan or Cebu just to get a taste. There are other places that are basically empty of tourists that my in-laws are going to show us, but I don’t know where— yet.:-) Oh yeah…since you are a teacher, have you considered teaching abroad? I so want to, but my husband has his doubts. We will see after the Philippines!
    Good luck on your quests!

    • I’ve not been to Akumal, Mexico (that I can remember). If it’s anything like Tulum, then I will love it! I’ve done the coast from Cancun right down through Belize, so maybe I have been through there? That area is incredibly affordable and amazing. I’d love to go back to Mexico, I miss it. I might be heading to the Philippines myself this winter. The options are endless. Yes, I would love to read about your adventures there. Does your husband know how to cook authentic food? Yum!
      I’ve thought about teaching abroad, but it hasn’t yet worked into my schedule, and my boyfriends schedule. Possibly in the future.
      I’m happy you are along for the journey!

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