Poás Volcano in Costa Rica

Photo of the Week: Poás Volcano, Costa Rica
Crater Principal – Altitude 2754m

This photo makes me excited to continue my travels in 2014! I don’t know where my journey will take me, but I am excited to know what I will see. Seeing Poás Volcano in Costa Rica in 2011 took my breath away and made me appreciate the opportunity I had to visit Costa Rica. There is always a spot in each destination that leaves me speechless. Poás was one of those places.

Costa Rica

20 thoughts on “Poás Volcano in Costa Rica

  1. Breath away indeed! Would you like to participate in the Race Around the World? You could share your experiences with us. It’s been a rich, even transformative, enterprise for the contributors. Offering bc I’d be happy to promote your lovely blog.


    • Visiting the Volcano in Costa Rica was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. Few people actually see it clearly due to the dense cloud and fog formations at the top of the mountain range. I got very lucky.

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