How to Eat Healthy When Traveling

OrgAnik Cuisine

Photo Credit: OrgAnik Cuisine

I’ve been traveling for 6 months now and eating healthy is not always the easiest thing to do. After taking 37 flights in the last 6 months I’ve spent more time than I desire in airports. With 8 more months of full-time travel I want to start the year off right by getting some tips for maintaining a holistic lifestyle while traveling. I’ve been working with Anik, founder of OrgAnik Cuisine, a Holistic Nutrition Coach, lifestyle coach, vegan & vegetarian specialist, and cookbook author. She provided me with a wealth of information for when I am on the road.

OrgAnik Cuisine

Photo Credit: OrgAnik Cuisine

OrgAnik Cuisine

Photo Credit: OrgAnik Cuisine

Anik is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the areas of eating healthy, eating clean & raw foods, vegan & vegetarian recipes, and learning how to love yourself. She is currently working on her second cookbook and spends her time helping and teaching others how be healthier. It’s not always about what you eat, but about when you eat it and how you feel (the order and timing of when foods are ingested is so important). Some of Anik’s favorite things to make include fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, and soups, all perfect for detoxification and cleansing, while also being easy to make. Eating healthy doesn’t mean we need to skimp on having treats; Anik shares many of her clean granola bar, cookie, and muffin recipes on her Facebook page, along with notifications about her new book.

OrgAnik Cuisine

Photo Credit: OrgAnik Cuisine

Anik taught me to replace certain foods with better healthier options, how to set up an eating schedule, and to start my day with water. I learned that eating fruit in the morning on an empty stomach helps to detox my body while giving me lots of energy for the day. The easiest thing I can do to help promote a holistic lifestyle is to cook my own meals with fresh, local, and raw ingredients. Fresh produce is the way to go and should be my go-to food.  The three best things I learned are: 1. smoothies are my friend (preferably a GREENS smoothie), 2. bananas are one of the best foods to eat, and most importantly 3. not to stress about eating but to have fun with it.

OrgAnik Cuisine

Photo Credit: OrgAnik Cuisine

In Summary, here are Anik’s Best Tips-

5 Tips for Maintaining Holistic Living When Traveling:

1. Exercise- 20-30 minutes per day
2. Meditate- Make time for yourself and to quiet your mind
3. Find methods to clear the stressors in your life (i.e. yoga, writing, reading, etc…)
4. Sleep- A minimum of 8 hours per night
5. Cook your own meals and have fun with it

Ten Tips for Eating Healthy When Traveling:

1. Opt for plant-based foods-Eat a diet high in fruits and veggies
2. Eat fresh local produce
3. Avoid pre-packaged foods
4. Drink lots of water- 3 liters per day (and not with meals)
5. Sip on water all day (do not chug water)
6. Include a good source of fiber in your diet
7. Eat healthy complex carbs
8. Eat plant based protein (or lean protein if you are not a vegan or vegetarian)- Interestingly enough: We can get enough protein from plant foods
9. Take supplements: digestive enzymes and probiotics
10. Drink detoxifying herbal teas

OrgAnik Cousine

Vibrant Lunch- Rice tortilla, with garlic hummus and tabouli from market, along with fresh organic tomatoes, black olives and Green Heaven sprouts.
Photo Credit: OrgAnik Cousine

Beyond the simple recommendations Anik elaborated on the negative effects of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, salt, coffee, margarine, microwaveable and processed foods, peanut butter, fat-free/low-fat products, and dairy. Anik makes eating healthy sound so simple and easy, while also being realistic for people with a hectic schedule. I’m excited to get cooking!

For more information or elaboration on details mention above contact Anik directly.

Check out Anik’s cookbook available on Amazon:

OrgAnik Cuisine

Photo Credit: OrgAnik Cuisine

Want to jumpstart your 2014 year? Contact Anik!

OrgAnik Cuisine

Photo Credit: OrgAnik Cuisine

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    • I know right? What an amazing thing it is! Water does wonders for our bodies; yet, a lot of us have a hard time finding time to fit the most simple thing we can do to improve our bodies. I will really try!


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