Staying Warm at Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioI can’t think of a more perfect winter activity to stay warm then to be doing Hot Yoga at the brand new Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio. Hot Yoga is the perfect exercise to beat the winter blues, promote relaxation and tranquility, while staying active throughout the long winter season. There is nothing better then training in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. With my eyes closed, the heat and humidity transport my body to a hot tropical destination. I can imagine myself practicing on a white sandy beach in the middle of the ocean with the salty air blowing through my hair. This is the place for me. The friendly and knowledgeable trained staff quickly got me warmed up and sweating in no time. After one Hot Gentle Hatha Flow class I was feeling my very best! The Hot Power Flow class got my muscles working in no time. I can’t wait to try the other classes offered at Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio.

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioBodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio prides itself in maintaining an eco-friendly facility. The studio uses VOC-free paints, radiant heating panels, a sustainable cork studio floor, energy efficient washer/dryer, green cleaning products, natural mat disinfectant, and a clean air exchange system. The studio also has an in-house boutique offering a variety of ethical yoga-inspired clothing. The all-access studio offers a variety of classes at different times daily with multiple rate options for every budget.

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

What is Hot Yoga?

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioHot Yoga is one of the quickest growing forms of yoga in the world, which involves practicing yoga sequences and postures (asanas) in a heated room. The benefits of a heated environment allow for increased blood flow, circulation, stretching, flexibility, and injury prevention (protection of the muscles). There are various styles of hot yoga, but in any case you sweat a lot and burn a lot of calories. Hot Yoga is one of the best detoxifying exercises available.

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

The FAQ’s

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio-Hot Yoga is perfect for beginnings
-Hot Yoga is for everyone
– Ability to practice at your own level
-There is no limit to how much Hot Yoga you should do
-The more Hot Yoga you do the more benefits you see
-You don’t need to be flexible to do Hot Yoga-it will come
-Yoga is an excellent cardio-vascular workout
-Yoga burns fat
-Hot Yoga with a clean diet promotes holistic living

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio


-Improved body functions and movements
-Weight loss
-Flexibility & strength
-Improved cardio health
-Improved posture
-Pain reduction
-Mental clarity
-Prolonged life
-Better sleeps
-Overall health and wellbeing
-Part of a community
-Life enjoyment & fulfilment

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

Varied Classes

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio combine various yoga styles into their power and gentle flow classes: Moksha, Bikram, Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa among others.

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioHot Power Flow
Hot Gentle Flow
Hot Gentle Hatha Flow
Mom & Baby Postnatal
Prenatal Yoga
Non-Heated Beginner Yoga

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioStart the new 2014 year off with Hot Yoga! Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio’s new facility offers a peaceful respite to relax, breath, stretch, and recharge from the cold and frigid winter months. Yoga is known to heighten the quality of your life-the perfect movement for the busy traveler. Yoga helps me to listen to my body and know when it needs a break. As a hyperactive-traveller, I need to find ways to rejuvenate and Hot Yoga is the perfect activity for me (especially during the winter months).

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio


Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

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16 thoughts on “Staying Warm at Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

  1. You won’t know until you try it. Hot yoga has become addcting. In this fast paced life Bodhi tree hot yoga is perfect place to take it slow and breathe….and is truly good for the soul.


  2. I’m a massive hot yoga fan, I’m SO happy that you shared this experience! I know you mentioned this place combines lots of different styles, but if you ever get the chance, I would definitely recommend a proper Bikram yoga class. It’s the absolute best and is one of the most intense workouts ever!


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