Gold Mine: Two Gyms, One Location

DF and CFT

Yoga Studio at DF and CFT

DF and CFT

Sauna at DF and CFT

Since I’ve been traveling for the last 6 months, I’ve had to be creative in finding ways to stay active while traveling. Before I started this journey, my typical routine (routine being the operative word) consisted of doing Crossfit three times per week, Zumba once per week, the odd yoga class, plus walking and hiking on the other days. Along with my exercise regime, I followed a pretty strict eating plan which combined eating clean with a paleolithic diet. Let me just say that everything went out the window when I hit the road full time. Routine-gone. Eating plan-gone. I had to completely readjust my lifestyle with becoming a full time traveler. Air travel as we know is not conducive to eating healthy and hostels don’t provide fully equipped kitchens. I was only a few weeks into my travels when I realized I needed to find a way to stay active and healthy while exploring this world.

DF and CFT

The Crossfit Box at DF and CFT

DF and CFTThe best way for me to stay active while traveling is to find new and unique things to do in each destination that I visit. Along with activities, I try to find gyms and fitness centers which have the option to pay-as-you-go or offer punch passes, drop-in-rates, or weekly rates. Since I am not often in a destination longer than a month, I need something that is practical and financially smart. What I found in my Northern Ontario winter escape was a gold mine-Discover Fitness With Kate Durst and Crossfit Timmins. Two gyms, one location, need I say more?

DF and CFT

Personal Training Room DF and CFT

DF and CFTDiscover Fitness With Kate Durst (along with Discover Fitness KIDZ) and Crossfit Timmins (CFT) have paired up to offer a multitude of fitness options in one fitness center. The 24 hour all-access fitness facility offers Crossfit, yoga, spin classes, fitness consultations, nutritional support, one-on-one personal training, partner personal training, group personal training, fitness challenges, and a fully equipped fitness center with endless cardio machines, circuit trainers, weights, and exercise equipment. Discover Fitness (DF) also offer unique training classes with a more specialized fitness focus including: circuit training (low impact circuit training with light cardio and light weights), hybrid (conditioning and spinning), Posing (perfecting posing routines for fitness competitions), and the brick (fast moving intense class of 3 disciplines: muscle preparation exercises for swimming, spinning, and running-the perfect workout to prepare for a triathlon). With endless options,  Discover Fitness With Kate Durst and Crossfit Timmins is the perfect fitness destination for the traveler passing through or for those craving change and variation.

DF and CFT

Personal Training Room at DF and CFT

DF and CFT

The Box

The fitness center has a fully equipped team of trained staff, each with their own unique specialization. The expertise within the gym is incredible. I’ve not been to such a varied gym before, the perfect fitness fusion for a hyperactive busy bee like me. Discover Fitness With Kate Durst also has some other unique features: a SAUNA for those cold winter days and a female-only gym facility off the ladies locker room. The massive fitness center offers any gym-goer what they need amidst their hectic schedule. I know I’ll stay warm and active in the North at DF and CFT when I am not out experiencing the local culture and enjoying this winter wonder land.

Main exercise area at DF and CFT

Main exercise area at DF and CFT

When the private yoga, personal training, spin, and CF box studio rooms are not in use they are open to members during regular business hours for personal use. This gold- mine of a fitness facility offers its members an all-access pass to everything it offers in the gym. From attending classes, using the weight and cardio machines, doing one-on-one training with one of their knowledgeable personal trainers, or doing your own routine, the gym is available for your fitness needs. I enjoyed doing my own usual Crossfit regime in The Box, while reminding my muscles what they once did regularly 3X a week. As the only one in the room, I easily got in the zone and put my body through a circuit of Crossfit mobility drills, stretches, good mornings, push ups, ring pull ups, sit ups, tricep dips, overhead squats, and stretches on a foam roller. I’m back in action. The perfect start to a brand new year.

Women's only facility at DF and CFT

Women’s only facility at DF and CFT

*Media Coverage for Discover Fitness With Kate Durst and Crossfit Timmins

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