10 Tips for Staying Active When Traveling

10 Tips for Staying Active When Traveling

1.Find new activities to do in each destination that you visit that are authentic to that area.


Kayaking with Twogood Kayaks in Kailua

Some of my favorites have been:

Hawaii- Paddle Boarding, kite surfing, kayaking
Nevada- Flight-lining
Maine- White Water Rafting (paddle, paddle, paddle…)
California- Hiking
Dominican Republic- Swimming
Puerto Rico- Walking
Ontario-Hot Yoga, Crossfit

2. Find a fitness center that works with your fitness style, schedule, time frame, and budget.

My Northern Ontario winter escape led me to three fabulous fitness facilities to meet my needs while visiting the area: Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioDiscover Fitness With Kate Durst, and Crossfit Timmins.

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

The Crossfit Box at DF and CFT

The Crossfit Box at DF and CFT

3. Take advantage of activities that are easy to incorporate into your travels: walking, hiking, running, and swimming. Plus they are free and can be done daily!


Swimming in Vieques before Christmas

4. Stay on the lookout for free activities that are offered in each destination that you visit. Most cities offer free yoga in the park, hiking clubs, running groups, and most fitness classes allow you to try the first class for free.

Halifax, Nova Scotia offers free yoga in the park!

Discover Fitness

5. Exercise in your hotel- Most hotels and motels offer a fitness center where you can break a sweat. Even if they only offer a treadmill and a few hand weights, that’s all you need!

6. Make your own morning routine- Start your day off by working out in your room with a series of body weight exercises (running on the spot, jumping jacks, wall sits, squats, push-ups, sit ups, tricep dips, etc…).

7. There are tons of websites which offer loads of free downloadable workouts you can do on your own. Check out the various fitness magazine websites.

Some of my favorite workouts came from Fitness Magazine and The Box Magazine (Crossfit).

8. YouTube– If you have access to the internet you can access free workout channels on YouTube.

9. Stretch daily to avoid muscle cramps and stiffness.

10. Have fun while being active so it doesn’t feel like a chore!

Hiking in Yosemite National Park

Hiking in Yosemite National Park

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