Playing in the Snow

Northern Canada

Wearing Canada Goose is a necessity, NOT a fashion statement

You Know You are in Northern Ontario When…

1. you have to plug in your car for it to start, yet the plugs are buried in the snow.
2. your car has been plugged in all night, yet it barely starts the next day.
3. wearing Canada Goose is a necessity, NOT a fashion statement.
4. you don’t care what your shoes look like as long as they keep your feet warm.
5. you need to shovel the snow off the roof of your house.
6. your nose hairs freeze the minute you step outside.
7. the names of the stores begin with “Northern Store”.
8. the -40 degrees Celsius cold air takes your breath away.
9.-20 degrees Celsius is considered a warm day.
10. a favorite activity is playing in the snow.

Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario

When I’m all bundled up and dressed appropriately, the cold isn’t as bad as I would have thought! If I am out moving and having fun I totally forget about the cold. What better way to pass the day away then playing in the snow? I am taking advantage of my three weeks in fluffy snow heaven before I set off for my next turquoise destination. I’m trying to get my hands on as many winter activities as I can during my time in Canada.

This is what Northern living is all about…the snow…

Northern Ontario

Falling into the snow…

Northern OntarioNorthern OntarioNorthern OntarioNorthern OntarioNorthern OntarioNorthern OntarioNorthern OntarioNorthern Ontario

Being buried alive…

Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario

Making Snow Angels…

Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario

Snow ball attack…

Northern OntarioNorthern Ontario

Northern OntarioNorthern Ontario

All full of snow…

Northern OntarioNorthern Ontario

The perfect snow day…

Northern OntarioNorthern Ontario

38 thoughts on “Playing in the Snow

  1. Hi Jessica! Looks like such a blast! We’ve been getting quite a bit of snow in Toronto these days. But I’m saving all my snow-angel-making energy for Ottawa.:) Less than one month to go…..

    • How exciting!? How long will you be in Ottawa? I’ll be somewhere sunny by then! What are you doing in Toronto to keep warm? Did the ice storm affect you? I’ll be connecting through Toronto next week, but won’t be staying long. Miami next week!

      • I’m beyond excited! We’re going for the family day weekend and we’re taking the VIA Rail to Ottawa on the Saturday morning and staying until Monday afternoon. I’m just wearing tons of layers here in Toronto. Although it’s not as frigid as it was 2 weeks ago. It’s manageable at the moment.:) The ice storm didn’t really affect me. I didn’t lose power or anything. Have an amazing time in Miami! How long will you be there for?

      • It still looks pretty cold to me lol. Yes…I went to Miami pretty much every summer when I was younger. I went a few years ago to visit family.

  2. Hi Jess , it is a lot of fun playing in the snow. My son is crazy about snow. He has never seen it yet. Next year we are already making plans for holidays on a snow destination. The only thing that worries me is this freezing cold. But like you said with the right clothes on, it would be ok. Have a nice sunday!!

    • Awww! Come on down to Canada in the winter! You guys will love it! I’d love to show you around, but it will have to be next winter! Where do you think you would like to visit to see snow? Although it IS freezing cold, IF you are dressed appropriately, the cold really isn’t that bad! Plus with indoor hot yoga, hot tubs, and activities there are always things to do to stay warm.

  3. Lovely, lovely snow. You look really happy there Jess even if you were freezing!
    We’ve only just got snow. On Tuesday. We’ve been waiting so long…..and this is Germany. We normally get the first snow in December and it’s almost February!

    • I try to make the best of every place (as much as I hate the snow); plus, I’ve been able to spend the last 3 weeks with my amazing boyfriend! I have the feeling you like snow? Today I am off to Miami and back to the sun, sand, and sea!

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