Going Zen on Hot Yoga

Spending three weeks in Northern Ontario during the dead of winter to experience as many Canadian winter activities that I can get my hands on means I need to find something to keep me warm…Hot Yoga…

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioRegardless if I am traveling full time, I am making an effort to stay active and healthy throughout my journey. I’ve been trying different activities in each destination that I visit to get some variety (typically water sports on a turquoise beach if you know anything about me). Yet, for the past two weeks I’ve been trying out Hot Yoga in Northern Canada at Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio and I’m really loving it (it’s addictive, but in the good kind of way). I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone to give Hot Yoga a real shot (beyond trying it once to say that I tried it). I’m loving the way it makes me feel afterwards (physically and mentally). I’m liking the reward I get when I know that I can stretch just a little bit further and hold a pose just a little bit longer than the previous class. With each class, I can see improvements in just a short amount of time. It’s an enlightening experience.

I’ve been trying out the different classes at Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio and I like them all for different reasons. Hot Power Flow pushes me to the extreme, gives me an amazing workout, and makes me sweat like no other. Hot Gentle Flow teaches me to take my time when transitioning from position to position, it strengthens my muscles with the repetitious movements, while still giving me an amazing sweat detox session. Hot Gentle Hatha Flow provides me an opportunity to focus on my breathing, strengthen my core, train my back to stay flat and elongated, and to hold poses for longer. Each class is unique in its structure and each teacher brings a one-of-a-kind “feel” to the class. As much as I enjoy them all, and benefit from each class for different reasons, I can’t help but fall more and more in love with the Hatha inspired Hot Yoga the more I do it. For some reason I like that class more than the others. Is it okay to have favorites?

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

Are the classes really that different?

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio defines each of their classes as follows:

Hot Power Flow

Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga is a class that builds strength and stamina. It is a flowing asana practice that emphasizes a sequence of movements synchronized with breath and eye focus. The fast-paced flowing vinyasas aim to purify the mind and body.

Hot Gentle Flow

Hot Gentle Flow is a slower Power Yoga class with emphasis on deep stretching and body awareness. Although there will be similar postures they will introduced at a slower pace, This class will still challenge all levels.

Hot Gentle Hatha Flow

A Gentle Hatha Flow, taught by a certified Hatha teacher.

I like how I push my body in different ways in each class, but there is something about Hatha flow that I like; I’m drawn to that style more than the others. On paper, the classes all sound very similar, yet they couldn’t be more worlds apart. The same class taught by different instructors will be nothing alike. Just when I think I don’t like a class, I’ll try the same class again with a different teacher and realize I love it. I like that about yoga. The variation, the element of surprise, and the instructor’s personality gives me a new workout each time I attend. I never know what to expect, except to expect to be challenged. Embracing the challenge. Yearning for that challenge.

What challenges you?

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

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