Wildlife Tour at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa offers more than just lodging, dining, and relaxing. With 175 acres of natural property, Cedar Meadows offers a daily wilderness tour rain or shine on a tractor drawn wagon to see deer, elk, bison, moose, and beyond. A perfect winter activity in Northern Ontario is escaping the urban center for a magical wildlife tour where you get up close and personal with friendly and curious wildlife.

Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows

The natural scenery on the tour is beyond this world. With the sun glistening between the trees and the snow flakes slowing falling down and shining in the light makes for the perfect winter escape. The informative tour guide takes you through the most serene and tranquil journey of a lifetime.

Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows

Over 100 animals live at Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa nature park with the majority of them being born at Cedar Meadows. The animals are extremely interested in their visitors and are very familiar with their keepers. It’s as if the guide was communicating with the animals. The white elk followed us around throughout the entire tour. She was extremely curious in my GoPro camera, but was most interested in me feeding her treats.

Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows country wildlife tour provided me my first opportunity to get up close to an adult moose. Not just one moose, but two beautiful females. As soon as the wagon moved into the closure the moose came running out of the forest to see who came to visit them. I couldn’t believe my eyes, they were coming to see me!

Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows provides the perfect environment for exploring- “We want you to experience and feel nature the way it is intended to be.”

Cedar MeadowsCedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows Resort Cedar Meadows Resort

Cedar Meadows

It was the perfect winter day to be out experiencing nature.

Cedar Meadows Resort Cedar Meadows Resort

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