Turquoise Destinations of 2013

Turquoise Thursday:

Here are some highlights of my 2013 North American and Caribbean turquoise destinations in review. After 6 months of travel, I traveled through 13 countries and provinces. 13 destinations in 2013!

New Brunswick:

kouchibouguac NB

Kelly’s Beach Dunes, Kouchibouguac

Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia

South Eastern Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island:


Naufrage Beach, PEI



Flying over Montreal city’s coastline in a 2-seater Diamond



Flying over the Toronto coastline in a 2-seater Diamond



Kennebec River

North Carolina:

North Carolina

Playing in the pool to keep cool in Charlotte, NC


Las Vegas

Las Vegas



Hermosa Beach


Kailua, Hawaii

Oahu, Kailua Beach Park, Hawaii

Puerto Rico:

Old San Juan

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico

Sun Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Dominican Republic:


Cayo Laventado, Bacardi Island, Dominican Republic

Throughout my 6 months of travels, most of my time was spent in California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. I could live my life on a turquoise beach. It was hard leaving these destinations to see others.

My Top 5 Destinations of 2013:
(My favorite destination being #1)

1. Hawaii
2. Puerto Rico
3. Dominican Republic
4. California
5. Nevada

With 7.5 more months of travel left, I hope to reach over 14 NEW destinations in 2014! I am planning to travel to further distances (beyond North America, Caribbean, Central America, and South America- as I have already been to those regions) to reach some of my dream turquoise destinations. I’ll be forcing myself out of my comfort zone to visit new places, while trying new and exciting things. I’m in the process of finalizing my itinerary and 2014 bucket list, but I know that I’ll keep adding destinations and experiences to that list along the way!

My next turquoise destination will be MIAMI on January 24th.

22 thoughts on “Turquoise Destinations of 2013

  1. If I knew you, I could call you lots of ‘orrible names, lol.
    Have a fab 2014; I’m loving the places you are getting to visit – just my kinda stuff 😀

  2. Cayo Laventado, Bacardi Island, Dominican Republic sounds and looks great, especially to a Finn (who lives up here in the north) 😉
    I just posted some photos and data of some Red Sea fish, which I photographed last November. Go and have a look when you can (travelwith.johanna.com)
    Talk to you soon again 🙂

  3. While in Florida, don’t miss Sanibel and Captiva on the west coast. The Keys are gorgeous too, especially if you dive or snorkel. In the US, my favourite beach is Wildwood, NJ. In Canada, so far, it’s been Magdalene Islands (Quebec). That is some of the most underrated turquoise real estate I have ever seen. Enjoy your upcoming travel year.

    • Thank you so much! I will look into Sanibel and Captiva ! I am heading to the Keys for sure since I am a turquoise lover. I’m from Canada, and I’ve not made it to the Magdalene Islands yet, but have always wanted to go. Thanks for the best wishes. Enjoy your year too.

  4. That beach on the DR’s Bacardi Island looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to go somewhere cold since my last 3 trips were to warm/tropical destinations, but these pictures make me rethink that!

  5. What an amazing year of travel!! We have something in common. I could live on a turquoise beach, too. 🙂 I highly recommend trying to go over to Capri in Italy. The beaches there may be rock and not sand, but the water is unbelievable. The Blue Grotto and Green Grotto somehow sparkle more than the rest of the sea. I wrote about Capri in a couple of my posts if you want to check out some pictures.

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