Spa Grande Nature and Nordic Spa at Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

Have you ever thought about swimming outside during the middle of winter with temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would! Yet, I went in an outdoor swimming pool set at 16 degrees Celsius during the dead of winter. I tip toed through the snow to submerge my body in the cold water. Am I crazy? Let me explain.

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

Cedar Meadows Resort & SpaI had the opportunity to experience what the Nordic baths at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa are all about! I’ve always wanted to go to a Nordic Spa, but I never really knew what they were. The relaxing year-round Nordic baths at Spa Grande Nature are used to rejuvenate the body and stimulate the senses through a series of temperature treatments including: dry sauna, steam room (called a steam bath), hot whirlpool, cold tempered salt pool, Nordic waterfall, cold shower, and warm relaxation rooms (where you can rest, sleep, and get ready to do it all over again).

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

According to Cedar Meadow Resort and Spa, the benefits of Nordic baths:

The benefits of the Nordic Baths to help rid the body of toxins have long been recognized by our forefathers. Alternating hot & cold baths stimulates the circulation and by cooling the body quickly, the production of adrenaline. The adrenaline then rapidly transforms into endorphins, the body’s natural anti-depressant. Other benefits are the boosting of your immune system, the improving sleep quality, the total muscle relaxation & body oxygenation. It’s a complete natural detox that helps your body find its natural balance.

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

The Process:

To fully benefit from the treatment experience it is recommended that the process be repeated three to four times. It is easy to spend hours at the Nordic spa relaxing the afternoon away.

  • Warm your body in the dry sauna or steam bath for approximately 15 minutes.

  • Immerse yourself in the tempered salt pool, Nordic waterfall or simply the cold shower located in the hallway.

  • Relax in one of our relaxation areas, inside or outside.

  • For ultimate well-being, we recommend you repeat this ritual three or four times, drinking plenty of water in between and finally immersing yourself in the whirlpool for a full muscle relaxation.

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

Hot Treatment

I enjoyed the outdoor hot whirlpool set to 104 degrees fahrenheit amidst the cool winter chill the best. As the snow flakes came slowing falling down, they melted before ever hitting my head. The cool air against my hot skin was relaxing and refreshing.

Cold Treatment

The cold tempered salt pool was a shock to my system after being in the very hot dry sauna, steam room, and whirl pool. The frigid water got my heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing through my fiery veins. I couldn’t help but make those awkward facial expressions. It sure was a wake up call.

Relax at the Spa

Relaxing Room

Rushing out of the cold pool to a warm relaxation room was heaven on earth. My body slumped in its chair wrapping around the warm plush bath robe with a hot tea in hand. Heaven on earth?

Here are some pictures of the one of a kind facility:

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

Dry Sauna

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

Warm relaxation room under the stars.

Relax at the Spa

Entrance, spa lounge, and tea room.

Am I really that crazy to have gone swimming in an outdoor pool during Canada’s coldest time of year? Please tell me!

I had to fully experience the Nordic Baths regardless of the time of year. As I followed the prescribed process, I realized I was one of few actually going in the cold pool. I braved the temperatures to have an authentic Northern turquoise experience.

*Media coverage for Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

13 thoughts on “Spa Grande Nature and Nordic Spa at Cedar Meadows

  1. I was just at the Nordik Spa in Chelsea, QC 2 weeks ago with an Aussie exchange teacher’s wife. She tried the works. I only like the warm areas. I have been there in all seasons and it never gets old. You might also like the Spa Scandinave at Whistler. It’s got the added feature of being set in the mountainside. What a view!

    • I heard about the one in Chelsea! I hear it is amazing! How ironic that you went! So close to where I was. Small world! I probably would like the one you mention. I want to try it all! I love views!

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