Miami’s Turquoise South Beach

Turquoise Thursday

Turquoise Dream Destination: South Beach Miami

South Beach Miami

I’ve finally made it to another one of my dream beach destinations: Miami! Miami’s South Beach is one of the most turquoise USA beaches I have yet to see! Since I arrived in Miami late at night, I wasn’t able to see the beach until the next day. The first thing I did when I woke up in Miami was head straight to the beach (yes, even before breakfast). I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it for the first time. It was more turquoise than I expected and even better than I expected! Can you sense my excitement?

South Beach Miami

Not just was the beach turquoise, but everything around the beach was turquoise too.

Here is the best of South Beach Miami in pictures! Words cannot describe how truly high and elated I am (metaphorically speaking of course) by being on South Beach.

South Beach Miami South Beach Miami South Beach Miami South Beach Miami South Beach Miami South Beach Miami South Beach Miami

Have I convinced you to visit?

28 thoughts on “Miami’s Turquoise South Beach

  1. Totally convinced!! Miami is a city that has always been a doubt to me. Many brazilians go to Miami to shopping , few really have the chance to know the beautiful beaches. Maybe next time I’m visiting my sister in NYC I make a quick stop in Miami to enjoy the beaches and know the city. Have a great time!!

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