New Air at Miami’s North Beach

Miami North Beach

Getting out of Miami’s South Beach to visit North Beach  for the day was a fresh breath of new air. North Beach has a completely different feel than South Beach. It has an entirely different “air” about it, then the rest of Miami’s hip and bustling beaches. It was well worth the venture to get out of South Beach for a quiet escape North of Miami.

When I posted on Twitter a few weeks ago that I would be visiting Miami, I was gracious to have received plenty of suggestions of what to do in the area. Among the recommendations, I was told that I had to see Miami’s North beach. It was well worth the visit! I can see why it’s a beloved spot along the coast of Miami. I quickly and easily found a local bus heading straight toward North Beach from South Beach. When I arrived at North Beach there was only one other soul in sight about a half a mile up the beach from me. No longer could I hear music booming in the distance, busses, taxi’s, and shuttles zooming by, nor the sound of horns or people talking. It was as if I stepped from one world to another. The only sounds to be heard were the birds singing from atop the palm trees and the ocean waves rolling up on the beach. I took a deep breath in and as I exhaled I walked toward the turquoise water.

Miami North Beach

Even the sand welcomed my feet and toes as I sank in the coarse sand and crushed shells. Even the sand felt different. How can driving up the coast to a different beach make such a difference? But it did. I welcomed the change as I am always longing for an isolated beach that feels like my own. It felt as though the beach were mine. My own private spot in Miami. A place where I can be left with only my thoughts and the sun rays that warm my body.

When I walked toward the shore, the refreshing cool water raced toward me and up the beach to hug my ankles as if I’d been gone for ages. I welcomed the feeling as I walked further into the water which was the colour of heaven. I was at home. I never would have expected a beach so close to South Beach to feel so different. North Beach is left more in its natural state with remnants of seaweed on the shoreline rather then being groomed endlessly.  With few people in sight, I got the beach to myself and felt as though I’d left the chaos and busyness of South Beach behind.

Miami North Beach

North Beach is the perfect respite to get away from the action to embrace the calm. With the fresh air coming off the ocean and blowing through my hair, I am reminded that this is what life is all about–dreaming a new dream and making those dreams a reality. I am happy to have found yet another beach that feels like home.

Miami North Beach

13 thoughts on “New Air at Miami’s North Beach

  1. I absolutely agree. I was in Miami in December did not really enjoy it at all. Too busy, too expensive, too many people trying to be ‘seen’, if you know what I mean. If you can rent a car, take a drive through the Keys. You would love it. Like driving through the Bahamas. The water is spectacular, and the ambiance cannot be beat. Key West is absolutely fun and funky, and it is only 3 1/4 hours from Miami.

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