Get In the Shot: XShot Giveaway


Just a reminder of the Turquoise Compass XShot contest! TWO MORE WEEKS to sign up to win! It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Please share this contest with your family and friends!

I am holding my second Turquoise Compass contest: Get In the Shot: XShot Giveaway! Over the next remaining 2 weeks, you will have the opportunity to participate in my free giveaway in partnership with XShot to win yourself a pocket XShot camera extender. The contest ends on Sunday February 23rd at 12:00am Atlantic Standard Time. Be sure to participate while you can! I will be giving away one pocket XShot to a lucky winner! Win it for yourself, or as a gift for someone special. One lucky winner will win themselves an XShot which will be mailed directly from XShot after the contest commences. I will announce on my blog when a winner has been randomly drawn. The contest winner will be contacted by a private message on their Facebook page, Twitter account, or their blog between January 24th and 27th. If I do not hear back from the randomly selected winner within 48 hours, I will draw another winner.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

The XShot pocket extender is one of my favorite travel accessories. Since I usually travel by myself I hardly get in any of the pictures! That’s not a problem anymore! With my XShot extender, I am able to get in the shot without having to ask a stranger to take a picture of me. The pocket XShot extender is the perfect size to carry around during my full day expeditions. The extender is durable for me to use in the water or during watersports since most of my time is spent on a turquoise beach somewhere. I’m loving traveling with my XShot; I have been able to capture amazing and one of a kind photographs. I can quickly and easily secure my camera to the XShot and go!  I can get 180 degree shots of me in paradise! If you’ve seen any of my XShot travel photos, then you probably want one for yourself. Check out some of my XShot travel pictures: Puerto Rico, Vieques, Northern Ontario, and New Brunswick. These are just a few examples!

Now do you want one? Enter to win!

Puerto Rico

Rules & How to enter:
1. Like Turquoise Compass on Facebook  and post the comment: “Sign me up for the #xshot contest #turquoisecompass” (or something like that) on my Facebook page.

*Note: If you are ALREADY following me on Facebook, then ALL you need to do is post the comment: “Sign me up for the #xshot contest #turquoisecompass” on my Facebook page (or alike comment). Want to enter again?

2. Follow Turquoise Compass on Twitter (@ turquoisecompas) and send me a tweet saying: “Sign me up for the #xshot contest #turquoisecompass”  (or something like that).

*Note: If you are ALREADY following me on Twitter, then ALL you need to do is send me a tweet saying: Sign me up for the #xshot contest #turquoisecompass (or alike comment). Want an additional vote?

3. Like XShot on Facebook and post the comment: “Sign me up for the #xshot contest #turquoisecompass” on their Facebook page  (or something like that).

Puerto Rico

Check out XShot’s Facebook page to see their recent XShot travel pics! Turquoise Compass is also on Instagram and Pinterest.



More Great News: If you can’t wait one month to be entered to win an XShot and want one now, XShot has graciously set up Turquoise Compass readers to receive $5 off with a special coupon code: TURQUOISE. So no need to wait if you want one now for your travels! Go ahead and shop online and save with a coupon code made especially for us!

 Check out my picture on XShot’s website for January 2014 Picture of the Month! Maybe your picture will make it there soon! Get in the shot with XShot! Happy clicking and good luck! -Jessica

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