Escaping the City for the Blue Mountains

As much as I love cities, there is something to be said about driving out of the city to the mountains. The Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, Australia are one of the most impressive mountain ranges I have ever seen. As a Canadian, I think it is pretty hard to top the Western Canadian Mountain ranges in British Columbia and Alberta, but the Blue Mountains are unlike anything I have ever set my eyes on.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are literally blue! From a distance, you can see a slight blue haze hover over the mountain range (varies depending on the day). With the abundance of eucalyptus growing in the area, the combination of the evaporated eucalyptus essential oil mixed with oxygen makes the mountains look blue. Or so this is what I’ve been told by the locals. It could also possibly be an optical illusion due to the light rays coming into contact with various particles in the air. Opinions vary. Regardless, the air in the mountains is fresh and revitalizing. A visit to the mountains was exactly what I needed to recover and get rejuvenated from sight seeing in the busy city.

Blue Mountains Blue MountainsAs a hyperactive tourist, I stay busy throughout my entire journey in fear that I will miss something. I try to see as much as I can in little time, while also trying to squeeze in time for relaxation (which sometimes makes me feel guilty when I know it shouldn’t). A day to relax is always in order even though it is hard for me to stop. The mountains is the perfect place to run to, a retreat away from civilization. In the mountains, I am forced to be still and to just breath. Visiting the Blue Mountains couldn’t have come at a better time after walking Sydney. Blue Mountains Blue MountainsThe view of the mountain range and the Three Sisters from the viewing point in Katoomba was beyond what I expected (as it often is better than I hope). No longer could I hear the sounds from the city, but only wild cockatoos singing from a distance and the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. Amazing, beyond words, and breath taking. Blue Mountains Blue Mountains Blue Mountains

A visit to the Blue Mountains is a must see destination in New South Whales. If you get the chance to visit Australia and you plan to see Sydney then be sure to save some  extra time to travel out to the mountains, which is just a short hour and a half drive outside of Sydney. You won’t be disappointed, plus the view along the way is gorgeous too. A drive through the countryside is yet another way to see what a country has to offer.

Next up: Gold Coast and Byron Bay

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