Gold Coast Great Oceanway Walk

Gold CoastThroughout my stay on the Gold Coast I would walk daily along the Great Ocean Walk exploring new parts of the Gold Coast. From beach to beach, the abundance of flora, fauna, wildlife, and turquoise views are something everyone should see. I don’t think I could ever get tired of the incredible views. If only I could awake to these views everyday for the rest of my life.

Gold Coast


Gold CoastThe wild Brush Turkeys scurry along their merry way crossing the path, while never noticing walkers and runners. The dragons often jump from the bush onto the path directly in front of my step, while scaring the daylights out of me. The lazier dragons sun bathe on the path hindering the step of passerby’s who have to hop scotch their way along the path. The birds chirp cheerfully from a distance, while the sea breeze makes the leaves on the trees dance. I can’t help but believe that this is utter paradise.

Gold Coast

Gold CoastAt each lookout along the coastal walk I got the most incredible views of the nearby beaches and coves. I was able to stop along the way to sit on a nearby bench to watch surfers sail on top of the rolling turquoise waves. From Broad Beach, Bilinga Beach, Kirra Beach, Coolangetta Beach, Greenmount Beach, to Rainbow Bay, the views are all spectacular, yet one of a kind. Walking miles beside the sea is easy to do with such incredible views . Plus if it got too hot I could quickly take a cool and refreshing dip in the ocean.

Gold Coast

Gold CoastWhere I stayed in Coolangetta, Queensland I was seconds away from the New South Whales border. If I walked in one direction to the local market I would be in Queensland, yet if I walked the same distance in the opposite direction I would be in New South Whales with a one hour time difference. The funny thing is, I got my picture taken while having one foot on the New South Whales border and the other foot on the Queensland border. I never thought it was actually possible to be in two different places at the same time, but in Australia anything is possible. I enjoyed my stay in “Cooly” as the locals call it on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Everything was in walking distance and I was always two seconds from the beach, where I always want to be. I’m hoping that I will love each destination onward as much as I love the Gold Coast. Again, I am constantly wondering ‘can it really get any better than this?’ I believe that it can!

Gold Coast

New South Whales and Queensland Border- One foot in each place!

Next Stop: Surfers Paradise

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