Surfers Paradise SkyPoint: Best View of the Gold Coast


SkyPointTo get the best view of the Gold Coast and the beautiful turquoise waters in the area, a trip up to the SkyPoint Observation Deck in Surfers Paradise is a must. If you are a beach lover like myself, then you will love the view from the top as much as I did. With 360 degree views of the Gold Coast, Queensland, and the various shades of turquoise that line the coast down below you will be left speechless.


SkyPointOne of the main reason I came to Australia is to see the unlimited pristine turquoise beaches. To see the coastline from above and to get a 60 mile aerial view in every direction reminded me that I came to the right place as a turquoise and nature lover. With unlimited turquoise beaches in Australia my options are limitless. As I mentioned in my post on the Gold Coast, I much prefer the less touristy and crowded beaches on the Gold Coast, yet Surfers Paradise can’t be missed.


SkyPointA day trip to Surfers was more than enough for me to get a taste of the metropolitan city on the beach. The entire coastline of the Gold Coast is stunning with each beach having a different look and feel. Surfers Paradise is the only city on the Gold Coast that can offer a view of a lifetime. Although touristy, skipping Surfers would be a loss as it is one of the most popular stopping points on the East Coast in Queensland. SkyPoint offers visitors a chance to see beyond Surfers Paradise and to see the potential of the Gold Coast.


SkyPointRegardless of what direction you are looking, the view makes you stop for a moment to appreciate where you are. I now better understand why the Gold Coast has its name. The thirty golden sandy beaches stretch for miles and the quality of the beaches are beyond compare. The wealth of the area is cherished by all those who have seen it. Walk, surf, or escape to a secluded enclave while exploring the welcoming “village-feel” beaches.  Beyond iconic Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast is one of my favorite destinations.


SkyPointI encourage and challenge you to search for those places throughout your journey that take your breath away. SkyPoint Observation Deck is one of those places. Soaring to the top in one of the world’s fastest lifts in Australia’s only beachside Observation Deck to get the best view on the Gold Coast was spectacular. While standing at the edge of the building, 230 metres above the sea, I could no longer see the ground below me, but only the stunning views around me. The height high above the clouds made my hands sweat as I pressed up against the glass walls. Even with the feeling that I would fall, I have never felt more alive. SkyPoint Observation Deck is the Gold Coast’s highest and most unique venue with the best turquoise view.


10 thoughts on “Surfers Paradise SkyPoint: Best View of the Gold Coast

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