What am I?

Photo of the Week
Destination: Australia

While going for a leisurely stroll I saw this little creature in a tree. Do you know what animal this is because I do!



18 thoughts on “What am I?

    • Isn’t he? This little one was also injured and had a little sore on his tail. He was in the tree for three days and hadn’t moved. A traveler passing through was feeding him water from a spoon. She contacted the local zoo to check on him.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  1. Took us weeks to find the wildlife in Australia. We just didn’t how to look. Turned out the Roos were just there on my way to work each day and once we saw possums in the trees in St. Kilda, we had no trouble spotting them while camping outside Sydney. We had trouble finding wombats though and only saw them in the sanctuary. Same for the Tasmanian devils, except the dead one on the roadside in Tassie.

      • It certainly depends where you are. Kangaroos are only in country-ish areas and koalas are almost impossible to spot. A lot of our wildlife is nocturnal too so you have the most luck at twilight. I’ve seen echidnas and wombats just walking down the street in suburbia before!

  2. Commonly refered to as a squashim rather than opussum. in NZ. One of NZ biggest farm pests & carriers of TB and biggest pest to our native forests . A good example of why animals should not be introduced into other countries. Came into NZ when furs were trendy !
    Cheers Richard.

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